Zeroparallax, This View of the Truth!

Zero parallax is like looking at an old fashioned digital clock head on and seeing what the time actually is. You see 12 o'clock as opposed to 11:59. You could call it "zero viewing error." That being said, if you know how you relate to the clock, say you are standing slightly to the side, then you can account for viewing error. You can then say "It's about 12 o'clock." Better yet, you can callibrate for viewing error. You can stand at different angles and notice the difference in time readings and then use this to give an accurate reading of the time even when you aren't viewing from head on. If you callibrate for all possible viewing angles and for all possible times then you can tell the time correctly no matter what the time is and no matter from which angle you are viewing it. (Viewing from behind doesn't count, unless you want to use a mirror or other reflecting device.)

What's the big deal about viewing error? It's a metaphor for how we can view the things around ourselves and what is within ourselves. By understanding how we relate to what we are viewing whether it is a clock, a machine, another person or groups of people or even ourselves (things we've done in the past) then we can take account of our relationship to what we are viewing. We can look at different views of what we are looking at and see the truth of it independent of our point of view.

It's a way of seeing the truth or its a way of seeing and understanding different views of the truth.

Another word for zero parallax is understanding. And that's basically what this website is about. Understanding. Tools for understanding and stories about myself so that if you choose you can understand more about me.

And that's something else about zeroparallax. It's about choice or making the effort to choose (and being aware of the choices that we make with regard to) how we relate to what we are observing.