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阻止她入境 Prevent her from entering

阻止他入境 Prevent him from entering

全国各地的机场和码头 Airports and docks around the country

已经派人到 Sent someone to, Sent people to

全国各地 All over the country, All around the country

他在这里有段过去 He has a history here

看见她握紧了拳头 Saw her fist clench, Saw her fists clench

看见他握紧了拳头 Saw his fist clench, Saw his fists clench

你是觉得她会到这里来吗 Do you think she will come here?

你是觉得他会到这里来吗 Do you think he will come here?

她会到这里来 She will come here

他会到这里来 He will come here

皱了下眉 Frowned

森严 Strict, Fortified, Well guarded

隐藏得很好 Well hidden

高度机密 Highly confidential, Closely guarded secret

像是被什么东西打中 Like something had hit it, As if something had hit it

龟裂 Crack, Cracks

龟裂了 Cracked, Was cracked, Had a crack

一面墙 A wall, One wall

俄国人 Russian, Russians

转头看 Turn to, Turns to, Turned to

裂开了 Burst, Ruptured, Split apart

看着我的一个同事 Look at one of my colleagues, Looked at one of my colleagues, Look at a colleague of mine

极为非常强大 Very, vey powerful, Powerful in the extreme

法力 Magical powers, Magical ability

份子 Members

狂热份子 Fanatics

三大将 Three generals

梅佛伦 Name: Mevolent

没有问出口的问题 Unspoken question

回答了他没有问出口的问题 Answered his unspoken question

回答了她没有问出口的问题 Answered her unspoken question

挑高了一道眉 Raised an eyebrow

挑高了 Elevated, Lifted, Raised

不抱怨 Do not complain, Does not complain, Did not complain

送命 Die, Dies, Died

劫狱 Jailbreak, Freed from prison

他是怎么出来的 How did he get out?

说得很慢 Speak slowly, Speaks slowly, Spoke slowly

俄国 Country: Russia

梵桀思 Name: Vincent, Name: Vengeous

一句废话也没有 Not wasting words

开门见山 Straight to the point

令人不安的消息 Disturbing news

令人不安 Disturbing

收到了 Received

蓝眼睛 Blue eyes

犀利 Sharp, Piercing

宽阔的肩膀 Broad shouldered

张长桌 A long table

长桌 Long table

只怕没有几个 There aren't very many, There were very few

更有力量 More powerful

至福 Blessed

漫长又艰苦 Long and arduous

委员长 Chairman, Head

需要你留意 Require your attention, Requires you attention

瞅他一眼 Look at him, Glance at him

瞅她一眼 Look at her, Glance at her

认真地看待他 Take him seriously

认真地看待她 Take her seriously

鼻子被打断了 Broken nose

没有反抗 Did not resist

牢牢抓住他的两只胳臂 Grabbed him firmly by the arms

往后缩 Shrank back, Shrank away from

挥手召唤 Beckoned, Gestured

嘟囔了一声 Grumbled, Muttered, Grunted

嘟囔 Grumble, Mutter, Grunt

找到她了 Found her

找到他了 Found him

眼神很冷酷 Cold eyes

灰发日渐稀疏 Thinning gray hair

脸上很多皱纹 A lined face, A wrinkled face

日渐稀疏 Thinning, Becoming more sparse

走了出来 Walked out, Came out, Emerged

既安静又致命 Quiet and deadly

两名大刀客 Two swordsmen, Two cleavers

踏进 Step into, Steps into, Stepped into

心里跳回去年的夏天 Flashing back to the previous summer

心里跳回 Mentally jumping back to

基尔特 Name: Guild

休瑞 Name: Thurid

大法师 Archmage, Grand mage

双扇门 Double doors

看到他们 Saw them

安静又致命 Silent and deadly, Silent and lethal

执法人 Law enforcer, Law enforcers, Law enforcement officer, Law enforcement officers

对着前方 Facing forward, Pointing straight ahead

大弯刀 Machette, Scimitar, Scythe

站岗 Stand guard, Stood guard

大刀客 Swordsman, Swordsmen, Cleaver, Cleavers

死尸 Corpse, Corpses, Dead body, Dead bodies

四处散布着 Scattered all around, Littered with

散布着 Scattered

门厅 Hall, Hallway, Foyer

回去年的夏天 Back to the summer of last year

他带头走 He lead the way

她带头走 She led the way

积灰尘 Collect dust, Collecting dust

电影明星 Movie star, Movie stars

的历史人物 Historical figure, Historical figures

孤伶伶 Lonely, Solitary

在后面的送货区停车 Parked in the loading area at the back

送货区 Loading area

从来不走前门 Never used the front door

走前门 Use the front door, Used the front door

封印 Seal

紧闭上锁 Tightly closed and locked

傍着 Beside

长老 Elder, Elders

长老圣殿 Temple of the elders, Sanctuary

圣殿 Temple, Sanctuary

升级版 Improved version

设立了 Established

关闭了 Closed, Closed down

蜡像馆 Wax museum, Waxworks museum

去年的事件发生之后 After the events of last year, After the happenings of the previous year

压下了一个呵欠 Stifled a yawn, Suppressed a yawn

爱这辆车了 Love this car, Loved this car

得付出这种代价 Have to pay the price

付出这种代价 Pay the price, The price to pay

冒险刺激的生活 A life of adventure, A life of risk and excitement

她对自己说 She told herself

总要有代价的嘛 There is always a cost, There was always a cost, That was the cost

总是急着 Always in a hurry

耐心地等待 Patiently wait, Wait patiently, Waited patiently

梦到的都是恶梦 The dreams were all nightmares

她差不多再也不会 She almost never

有一个最大的缺点 Has one big downside, Had one big downside

他的新生活 His new life

她的新生活 Her new life

新生活 New life

危险很多 A lot more dangerous

好玩很多 A lot more fun

刺激很多 A lot more exciting

格斗 Fighting

唐妮丝 Name: Tanith

走运了 Luckly

他晚上要是能睡上几个小时 If he could get a few hours sleep at night

她晚上要是能睡上几个小时 If she could get a few hours sleep at night

现在事情大大不一样了 Things are very different now, Things were a lot different now

梦着 Dreaming

舒服地躲在被窝里 Snuggled up under a quilt, Snuggled up under the covers, Snuggled up

她已经在床上睡觉了 She is already in bed, She was already in bed

去年的这个时候 This time last year

法外 Extra judicial, Extra legal, Outside the law, Taking advantage of gaps in the legal system

呵欠 Yawn

半夜四点 Time: Four in the morning, 4am

一直抱怨 Complained

太紧了 Too tight

手铐 Handcuffs, Shackles

皮尔斯 Name: Pierce

尖碑 Spire, Obelisk

欧康乃尔街 O'Connell street

这是一辆很美的车子 This was a beautiful car, It was a beautiful car

一辆很美的车子 A beautiful car

强而有力 Strong and powerful, Powerful

熠熠生光 Shining, Gleaming

寂静的都柏林夜晚 The quiet Dublin night, A quiet Dublin night

宾利 Vehicle-name: Bentley

一九五四年 Time-date-year: 1954

逍遥法外 Get away with, Get away with it

逍遥法外的杀手 Killer on the loose

放声大哭 Burst into tears, Started crying

摇摇晃晃 Wobbly, Wobbled

痞哥 Ruffian, Name: Pigeot, Name: Pidgeot, Name: Scapeface

诳侠 Liar, Name: Skulduggery

又一只脚 Another foot, And a foot

穿黑色套装 Wearing a black suit, In a black suit

小小转了一圈 Did a little turn, Did a little spin, Did a little twirl

在落地以前 Before landing, Before falling

转了一圈 Did a turn, Did a spin, Did a twirl

又揍他 Hit him again

终极 Ultimate, Supreme

一跃而起 Jumped up, Leaped up

他连自己说的话都不是很了解 He doesn't understand what he's saying

话还真多 Talk a lot

她的话还真多 She talks a lot

他的话还真多 He talks a lot

两个人都不理她 They ignored her

两个人都不理他 They ignored him

你把我的鼻子打断了 You broke my nose

我没事 I'm allright, I'm fine, I'm OK

在半空中翻了个筋斗 Somersaulted in mid air, Flipped in mid air

翻了 Flipped, Turned over, Overturned

筋斗 Somersault

在半空中 In mid air

带着她转了一圈 Spun her around

带着他转了一圈 Spun him around

揪住他伸出的胳臂 Grabbed his outstretched arm

揪住 Grab, Grabbed, Seize, Seized

向前扑 Leap forward, Leaps forward, Leapt forward

我要宰了你们两个 I'm going to kill you both

踢中 Kicked, Hit

她刚要攻击 She was just about to attack

他刚要攻击 He was just about to attack

刚要攻击 Was about to attack

一转身 Turn around, Turn, Turned around, Turned

眉头皱 Frown

眉头皱了起来 Frowning, Frowned

你还好吗 Are you alright?, You alright?

妳还好吗 Are you alright?, You alright?

转头看向 Turn to, Turns to, Turned to

转头 Turn, Turns, Turned

普莱森 Name: Pleasant

倒在地上 Fell to the ground, Fell

撞进 Slam into, Slammed into, Crash into, Crashed into

一只手肘 An elbow

打中了他的脸 Hit him in the face, Hit his face

骷髅 Anatomy: Skeleton

重心不稳 Unbalanced

朝他的下巴补一脚 Kicked him in the chin, Kicked him in the jaw

她两脚落地 She landed on both feet, Her feet landed, She got to her feet

最重要的一点 The most important point

他们不需要 They don't need

要对付你 To deal with you

我没有主人 I do not have a master

他们不是我的主人 They are not my masters

渐渐回来了 Gradually returned, Gradually returning

有什么好笑的 What's so funny?

更烈了 Intensified, Flared

一个营 A battalion

他们得派一个营来 They need to send a battalion, They will need to send a battalion, They have to send a battalion, They will have to send a battalion

派一个营来 Send a battalion

下一次 Next time

就你一个人 Just you, Just you, alone

就妳一个人 Just you, Just you, alone

他们叫你来对付我 They called you to deal with me, They sent you to deal with me

他们叫妳来对付我 They called you to deal with me, They sent you to deal with me

给他们当警告 To warm them, As a warning to them, As a warning

送回去给 Deliver back to, Send back to, Deliver to, Send to

你的主人 Your master, Your masters

妳的主人 Your master, Your masters

血淋淋的尸块 Bloody corpse

尸块 Body parts

把你切成一块一块 Cut you into pieces

把妳切成一块一块 Cut you into pieces

切成一块一块 Cut into pieces

等我把你整治完了 When I'm done with you

等我把妳整治完了 When I'm done with you

用袖子擦了擦裂开的嘴唇 Wiping his burst lip with his sleeve, Using her sleeve to wipe her burst lip

裂开的嘴唇 Split lip, Burst lip

擦了擦 Wipe, Wiping, Wiped

袖子 Clothing: Sleeve, Clothing: Sleeves

空前绝后的伟大杀手 The greatest killer ever known, The greatest killer of all time

空前绝后 Unprecedented

你知不知道你惹到了谁 Do you know who you messed with?, You don't know who you messed with do you?

你惹到 You messed with, You provoked

妳知不知道妳惹到了谁 Do you know who you messed with?, You don't know who you messed with do you?

妳惹到 You messed with, You provoked

贼头贼脑 Thief, Thieves, Thieving, Sneaky

臭丫头 Stinky little girl, Brat

瞪着他 Stared at him, Glared at him

瞪着她 Stared at her, Glared at her

吐了一口血 Spat out a mouthful of blood, Spat blood

跌倒了 Fall down, Falls down, Fell down

又跌倒了 Fell down again

不稳 Unstable, Unsteady, Unbalanced

后空翻 Tumble back, Tumbled back, Roll back, Rolled back, Backflip, Backflipped

一扭 Twist, Twists, Twisting, Twisted

已经转了过来 Turned around

转了过来 Turned around

又一次 Again

努力让火花燃烧成火焰 Trying to build the spark into a flame, Tried to build the spark into a flame

握在掌心 Held in his palm, Held in her palm, Held in their palm, Hold it in your palm

制造出一小团火花 Create a spark, Creating a spark

很难看 Difficult to look at, Ugly, Look angry

已经站起来一半 In the midst of standing up, Already getting up

将自己给举了上去 Lifted himself up, Lifted herself up, Lifted themselves up, Lift yourself up

给举了上 Lift up, Lifts up, Lifted up

把左臂甩过墙头 Flung his left arm across the wall, Flung her left arm across the wall, Flung their left arm across the wall, Fling your left arm across the wall

把自己拉上去 Pulled himself up, Pulled herself up, Pulled themselves up, Pull yourself up

踢得他仰天跌倒 Kicked him to the ground, Kicking him onto his back

踢中了他的胸口 Kicking him in the chest, Kicked him in the chest

两腿向前踢 Kicked forward with both feet

向上一跳 Jump up, Jumps up, Jumped up, Jumped

像一列货车朝她冲来 Rushed toward her like a freight train

像一列货车 Like a freight train

一列货车 A freight train

他努力集中注意力 He's trying to focus, He tried to focus

她努力集中注意力 She's trying to focus, She tried to focus

一小团火花 A little spark

她弹了手指 She snapped her fingers, She clicked her fingers

风将她的暗色头发吹打在脸上 The wind blew her dark hair across her face

暗色 Color: Dark

立刻远远离开墙边 Moved away from the edge

抖得 Trembling, Shaking

他将自己给举了上去 He lifted himself up, He hauled himself up

墙头 Wall

他把左臂甩过墙头 He swung his left arm over the wall

咕哝一声 Grunt, Grunts, Grunted

两腿在空中摆荡 Legs dangling in the air, Legs swinging in open air

仰天 Look up at the sky

他仰天跌倒 He fell on his back

发出磷光 Shimmered

磷光 Phosphorescent, Phosphorescence

上课学 Learn in class, Learned in class, Been taught

跟他上课学的一样 Like he'd been taught

跟她上课学的一样 Like she'd been taught

他用力一推 He pushed hard, She pushed

她用力一推 She pushed hard, She pushed

感觉到空气抵着他的掌心 Feel the air against his palm, Feeling the air against his palm

感觉到空气抵着她的掌心 Feel the air against her palm, Feeling the air against her palm

抵着 Against

放开了 Released, Let go of

向上踢 Kick up, Kicks up, Kicked up

皱起了眉头 Frowning, Frowned

找到所有东西连接的空间 Find the space where everything connects

她准备好 She is ready, She got ready, She was ready

开先例了 Set a precedent

理论上 In theory, Theoretically, Technically

怒瞪着 Glowered, Glared angrily

杀死掉 Kill, Kills, Killed

我刚刚说的话妳都没听到吗 Did you not hear what I just said?

我刚刚说的话你都没听到吗 Did you not hear what I just said?

他赶紧问 He asked quickly

她赶紧问 She asked quickly

她伸手要推他 She reached out to push him

他伸手要推她 He reached out to push her

你只是个小孩子 You're just a child, You're just a kid

妳只是个小孩子 You're just a child, You're just a kid

这样的要求不算过分吧 It's not too much to ask it it?

我只不过是要别人欣赏我这个人罢了 I just want others to appreciate me for who I am

要别人欣赏 Want others to appreciate

这是大人的事 This is grown-up stuff

说了你也不会懂 You wouldn't understand even if I told you, You wouldn't understand

说了妳也不会懂 You wouldn't understand even if I told you, You wouldn't understand

他摇头 He shakes his head, He shook his head

不听使唤 Acting up, Not responding, Non-responsive

惊慌的时候 While panicking, When panic stricken, When panicked

他没办法在惊慌的时候使用 He couldn't do it while panicking

她没办法在惊慌的时候使用 She couldn't do it while panicking

操纵风火水土的力量 Manipulating the powers of air, fire, water and earth

操纵风火水土 Control air, fire, water and earth, Manipulation of air, fire, water and earth

镇定下来 Calm down

必须要镇定下来 Needed to calm down, Needed to be calm

有一个机会 Had one chance

我是我自己的主人 I am my own master, I am my own man, I am my own woman, I am my own mistress

纳非理 Name: Nefarian

哈哈大笑 Laughed

我们也会阻止你 We'll stop you too

无面子 Faceless

佘蟠 Name: Serpine

我风光的日子早晚会来的 Sooner or later my time will come, My time will come

我不会介意 I'm not bitter, I'm not bothered

有人看到天才也不认得 Some people don't recognize talent when they see it

我是艺术家 I am an artist

闪闪烁烁 Twinkled, Glittered

很大的画 Big painting, Big picture

在画一幅很大很大的画 Painting a big, big picture

一种艺术 A kind of art

笑得很开心 Smiled happily

他在屋顶边缘蹲下来 He crouched down at the edge of the roof

好几宗杀人未遂案 Various counts of attempted murder

好几宗杀人未遂 Several attempted murders

杀人未遂 Attempted murder

未遂 Attempted

好几宗杀人 Several murders

好几宗 Several cases

沃利恩 Name: Vaurien

一波波袭来的麻痺 An attacking wave of paralysis, An oncoming wave of paralysis

一波波 Wave, Waves

她闭上眼睛 She shut her eyes, She closed her eyes

动弹不得了 Freeze, Freeze up, Become unable to move

动弹不得 Unable to move

恐惧开始渗透他的身体 Fear started to work through his body, Fear started to work through him

恐惧开始渗透她的身体 Fear started to work through her body, Fear started to work through her

两脚稳稳地踩着 Planting both feet

扶壁 Buttress, Support wall

轻轻朝高塔那边荡 Swung gently toward the tower

这算哪门子负责任的大人 What kind of responsible adult does this?

负责任的大人 Responsible adult, Responsible adults

阻止我 Stop me

还在没完没了 Continued, Went on

你几岁啊 How old are you?, What age are you?

妳几岁啊 How old are you?, What age are you?

往下看 Look down

直直下坠 Straight down, Plummeting

往下头看 Look down

耳边还听得到从底下街道传来的阵阵笑声 Bursts of laughter could be heard from the streets below

想找别的东西抓 Looking for something else to grab

东看西看 Look around, Looks around, Looked around

小孩子 Child

派个小孩子过来 Send a kid, Sends a child, Sent a child

可是他们却派你来 But they sent you

可是他们却派妳来 But they sent you

杀人机器 Killing machine

训练有素 Trained, Well trained

我是个杀手 I am a killer

非常非常危险 Very very dangerous

他们难道不知道 Don't they know

侮辱人了 Insulting

这也太侮辱人了吧 This is insulting

露出冷笑 Smirked, Sneered

仔细地看了看 Looked carefully, Peered

穿着破烂大衣 Wearing a tattered coat

从上面到底下 From top to bottom

距离可不短 Not a short distance

阵阵笑声 Bursts of laughter

从底下街道 From the street below, From the streets below

听得到 Audible, Heard

晚风 Evening wind, Evening breeze

都柏林 Place-name-city: Dublin

都柏林市 Place-name-city: Dublin

得以俯瞰 Overlook, Overlooking

矗立 Stand tall, Stands tall, Stood tall, Stand, Stands, Stood

巍然 Proud, Majestic

从边缘掉了下去 Fell off the edge

掉了下去 Fell down

止不住 Can't stop

止不住力道 Unable to stop

翻了过去 Tumbled, Fell over

女儿墙 Parapet

该隐 Name: Cain

华尔姬莉 Name: Valkyrie

吊在半空 Hanging in midair, Hanging around

强风呼呼地吹着 A strong wind was blowing

因为需要小便而醒来 Woke up needing to pee

唤醒她 Woke her, Awakened her

一九八一年 Time-date-year: 1981

小丹尼 Name: Young Danny, Name: Little Danny

拥有强烈预感的那位先生 He of the powerful premonitions, That gentleman with the strong premonitions

迁移到 Migrated to, Moved to

从来不曾停止发出哭喊 Never cease crying out, Never stop crying

受伤的脊椎和断裂的肋骨 Injured spine and broken ribs

倘若她愿意 If she is willing to, If she was willing to

坚持不屈 Persevere, Hold out and play tough, Hold out and not give in

她所请教的律师告诉她 The lawyer she consulted told her

在她因背伤无法工作时 When she couldn't work because of a back injury, While she couldn't work due to back injuries

因背伤无法工作时 When unable to work due to back injury, While unable to work due to back injury

维持他们三年的生活 Sustained them for three years

获得更大笔的赔偿 Receive a greater compensation

更大笔的赔偿 A bigger settlement

痊愈了 Convalesced, Recovered, Got well again, Got better

其一生都为背伤所苦 Suffered back injuries all their life

在爆炸中受了极严重的伤 Were seriously injured in the explosion, Was badly hurt in the explosion

妻子和年幼的儿子 Wife and young son

尝试降低锅炉的蒸汽压力失败后身亡 Perished after an unsuccessful attempt to lower the boiler's steam pressure

锅炉的压力爬升到毁灭性的高度 The boiler's pressure rose to a destructively high level

由于减压阀失效 Due to a pressure release valve failure

发生时 When it happens, When it happened, When it occurred

故障的锅炉 Malfunctioning boiler, Defective boiler

吉卡里拉 Place-name: Jicarilla

一家知名 A well known, A famous

度假饭店 Resort hotel

当政 In office, In power

乔治亚州 Place-name-state: Georgia

鹅肠 Goose intestine

支线 Branch line

转入支线发展 Sidetracked

为什么那样 Why that?

为什么这样 Why this?

无尽 Endless

连串 A series, Series, Chain

在中间停下来 Stop in the middle

漫游进 Wander off into

先学一会儿字母 First spend some time on letters

在教这个女孩识字 Teaching this girl to read

一个星期中 During a week, Within a week

立刻就知道 Know right away

一出现时 As soon as it appears, As soon as it appeared

再签出后 After checking out, After signing off

会愿意保持下去 Liked to maintain it, Liked to keep it

建立起关系 Establish a relationship, Established a relationship

微妙的不同 Subtle difference, Subtle differences

感觉出 Feel out, Feel

分辨力的顾客 Discerning customers

分辨力 Discerning, Discriminating, Resolution, Resolve

听起来都一样 Sound the same, Sounds the same, Sounded the same, Sound alike

终端用户 End user

高音 High pitch, Treble, Soprano

效果如此之好 Work so well, works so well, Worked so well

如此之好 So good, So well

显示程序 Display program

很重要 Very important

连续感 Continuity

几分钟前 A few minutes ago

火种 Tinder, Fire seed

情急 Desperate, Desperation

布农族人 Bunun tribe

布农 Bunun

遇到大洪水 Encounter a massive flood

这两位 These two

泰雅族 Ataya tribe

泰雅族部落 Ataya tribe

调适 Adapt, Adjust

迁居 Relocate

迁徙 Migration, Migrate, Migrates

洪水泛滥 Flood, Flooding

起源说 History: Origin theory, Origin

发展过程 Development process

南岛语族 Austronesian languages , Austronesian

外来物品 Exotic item, Exotic items

铜钱 Copper coin, Copper coins

玛瑙珠饰 Agate beadwork

珠饰 Beadwork

手环 Bracelet, Wristband

炼铁炉 Iron smelting furnace, Furnace

铁渣 Iron slag

十三行 History: Shisanhang, a culture of the Taiwan metal age

新石器晚期代 History: Late neolithic age

卑南文化 History: Beinan culture, a culture of the Taiwan late neolithic age

圆山文化 History: Yuanshan culture, a culture of the Taiwan late neolithic age,

大坌坑文化 History: Dapenkeng culture, a northern Taiwan culture of the Neolithic age

工艺水准 Craftsmanship

陪葬玉器 Burial jade, Funeral jade

陪葬 Buried, Burial, Funeral

晚期 Late period

此时期 This period, This period's

烧制陶器 Fired pottery

烧制 Firing

磨制石器 Polished stone tools

磨制 Grinding

新石器时代 History: Neolithic age

为主要 Where the main

渔猎 Fishing and hunting

旧石器时代 History: Paleolithic age, Early stone age

样貌 Appearance

器物 Utensil, Utensils, Tool, Tools , Device, Devices

古代中国以天干与地支的组合来纪年 History: Ancient China used the combination of heavenly stems and earthly branches to record the year

仍以 Still use, Still uses

天皇年号纪年 Year of the emperor

清康熙 History: Kangxi, third emperor of the Qing dynasty

皇帝的年号 History: Year number during an emperor's reign

古代中国 History: Ancient China

帝王 Emperor

元年 First year, Initial year, Beginning year, Reference year

诞生年 Year of birth

耶稣 Jesus

五代十国 History: Five Dynasties and Ten Kindoms

魏晋南北朝 History: Wei and Jin Southern and Northern Dynasties

战后台湾 History: Post war Taiwan

日治时期 History: Period of Japanese occupation

清帝国统治时期 History: During the Qing Dynasty

大航海时代 History: Age of discovery

历史时代 History: Historical era

历史分期 History: Historical period, Historical periods

历史是什么 History: What is history?

历史解释 History: Historical explanation, Historical interpretation

意义与重要性 Meaning and importance

后人 Future generations, For posterity

遗物 Relic, Relics

历史事件 Historic event, Historical event, Historical events

历史纪录 History: Historic record, Historical record

来说明 To illustrate

庞杂 Complex, Complicated

渐渐普及 Slowly became popular

面粉制品 Flour products, Products made from flour

才成为廉价的主食 Became a cheap staple food

运到 Transported to, Delivered to, Shipped to

驻台 Stationed in Taiwan

美援 American aid

代初 Early part of a period or era, Early

家境较富裕的阶层才有机会 Only the wealthier classes have the chance to

家境较富裕的阶层 Wealthier class, wealthier classes

家境较富裕 Wealthier, Wealthier family, Wealthier families

家境 Family background

较富裕 Wealthier, More affluent

副食品 Non-staple food

面粉的价格比米贵很多 Flour was much more expensive than rice

比米贵很多 Much more expensive than rice

贵很多 Much more expensive

主食都是米饭 The main staple was rice, The staple food was rice

直到台湾战后时期之初 Until the beginning of the post war period in Taiwan

战后时期之初 At the beginning of the post war period

时期之初 At the beginning of the period

之初 At the beginning

战后时期 Post war period

台湾只有很少数地方的气候适合种植小麦 There are only a few places in Taiwan where the climate is suitable for growing wheat

只有很少数 Only a few

很少数 Very few

点心而非正餐 A snack as opposed to a meal

正餐 Proper meal

吃得精致而不吃饱 Eat well and not become full

不吃饱 Not full

台湾话 Language: Taiwanese

台湾俗谚 Taiwanese proverb

食巧毋食饱 Eat well without becoming full

约仅成人两口份量 Only about two adult mouthfuls, About two adult servings

两口份量 Two mouthfuls, Serving for two

量少 Small serving, Quantity is small

独门 Unique, One-of-a-kind

汤汁 Stock, Broth

五印醋 Food-flavor-condiment: Wuyin vinegar

蒜泥 Food-flavor-condiment: Garlic paste

主要成份 Main ingredient, Main ingredients

叫卖面食 Sell noodles, Sells noodles, Selling noodles, Hawked noodles

叫卖 Hawk, Sell

挑着扁担 Carry a pole, Carries a pole, Carrying a pole, Carried a pole

捕鱼为业 Occupation-profession: Fisherman

台语 Language: Taiwanese

收入不佳 Poor income

生计顿时艰困 Making a living became difficult

生计 Livelihood, Make a living, Makes a living, Making a living, Made a living

风雨交加导致不易出海捕鱼 Wind and rain make it difficult to go out to sea to fish

不易出海捕鱼 Not easy to go out to sea to fish

常有台风侵扰 There are often typhoons

创始者 Founder

清末光绪年间 History: During the Guangxu period of the late Qing Dynasty

清末 History: Late Qing dynasty

红麴 Red yeast

瘦猪肉 Food: Lean pork

蕃薯 Food: Sweet potato

蕃薯淀粉 Food-ingredient: Sweet potato starch

在新竹县到云林县之间 Between Hsinchu county and Yunlin county

指猪的十二指肠 Pig's duodenum

在台湾新竹县以北 North of Hsinchu county in Taiwan

晾干而成的一种香肠 A kind of dried sausage, A dried sausage

晾干 Air dry, Dry

晾干而成 Air dried, Dried

蒸煮后 After cooking, After steaming, After boiling

蒸煮 Steam, Boil, Cook

肠衣 Sausage casing

馅料 Food-ingredient: Stuffing

淀粉糊 Food-ingredient: Starch paste, Sticky starch

内蒙古 Place-name: Inner Mongolia

还有一种淀粉与肥猪肉混合的香肠也称作粉肠 There is also a kind of sausage made from starch and fatty pork that is also known as rice sausage

另外还有 Moreover, There is also, There are also

一种淀粉与肥猪肉混合的香肠 A kind of sausage made with starch and fatty pork

肥猪肉 Food: Fatty pork

淀粉 Food-ingredient: Starch

很少被人食用 Rarely eaten by people, Rarely eaten

质感欠佳 Poor texture

欠佳 Low quality, Poor

苦肠 Food: Bitter sausage

肠套肠 Food: Intestines

蛔虫 Animal: Round worm, Round worms

空腹 Fast, Not eat

屠宰 Slaughter

在屠宰前 Before slaughter, Before slaughtering

粉肠 Rice sausage, Vermicelli sausage

故名 Hence the name

消化后 After digestion

十二指肠 Anatomy: Duodenum

烫菠菜 Food: Boiled spinach

豆芽菜 Food: Bean sprouts

汤豆芽菜 Food: Boiled bean sprouts

烫空心菜 Food: Boiled Kong Xin Cai

地瓜叶 Food: Sweet potato leaves

烫地瓜叶 Food: Boiled sweet potato leaves

小菜类 Food: Side dishes, Accompaniments

贡丸 Food: Meat balls

鲁蛋米粉 Food: Tea egg with rice noodles

鲁贡丸蛋 Food: Marinated egg, Tea egg, Iron egg

肉燥饭 Food: Minced meat on rice

担仔干米粉 Food: Ta-a rice noodles

担仔汤米粉 Food: Ta-a rice noodle soup

担仔干面 Food: Ta-a noodles

担仔汤面 Food: Ta-a noodle soup

担仔面 Food: Ta-a Mi,

面饭类 Noodle and rice dishes

只是几个位置奇佳的岛而已 Just a few islands in fantastic locations really

只是几个位置奇佳的岛 Just a few fantastically located islands, Just a few islands in fantastic locations

他们前几世纪的祖宗 Their ancestors from previous centuries

前几世纪 Previous centuries, Centuries ago

没有重要人物的场合 When no one important is around, When no one important is around to hear, When no one important is listening

好几家巨型公司的策略联盟 A strategic alliance of several giant corporations

在金融黑话里 In financial jargon, In financial speak, In financial cant

可不是随便在电话簿里查得到的正式组织 Was not a a formal organization that could be found in a phone book

可不是 Not, Is not, am not, Are not, Was not

在电话簿里查得到 Look it up in the phone book, Find it in the phone book

出身自 From, Come from, Come out of

双氧水分解产生水和氧气 Chemistry: Hyrdrogen peroxide decomposes to produce water and oxygen

催化剂 Chemistry: Catalyst

加一向下箭号 Add a downward pointing arrow

向下箭号 Downward pointing arrow symbol, Downward pointing arrow

会沉淀 Will settle, Will precipitate

加一向上箭号 Add an upward pointing arrow symbol

向上箭号 Upward pointing arrow symbol, Upward pointing arrow

不只一种 More than one, Not just one

不能凭空杜撰 It can't just be made up, It can't just be fabricated out of thin air

凭空杜撰 Fabricated out of thin air, Made up from thin air

杜撰 Fabricated, Made up

简称为 Referred to as, Abbreviated as

化学反应的式子 Chemistry: Chemical reaction formula

哪一个分子数较多 Chemistry: Which molecular number is bigger

哪一个 Which one

分子数 Chemistry: Mass divided by atomic mass or molecular mass, Molecular number or number of molecules

总数有多少莫耳 Chemistry: How many moles in total:

相当于多少莫耳 Chemistry: Is equivalent to how many moles?

含有多少莫耳氧原子 Chemistry: Contains how many moles of oxygen atoms

含有多少莫耳 Chemistry: How many moles?

质量为多少公克 Chemistry: What is the mass in grams?

我会猜是 I would guess

从内容推测 To judge from the content, Judging by content, Inferring from the content

那首诗 That poem, Which poem?

听起来似乎是华滋华斯 Sounds like Wordsworth

站在他面前的是谁 Who was standing in front of him

他头全秃了 He was completely bald

全秃 Totally bald, Completely bald

没露出一丝头发 Not a strand of hair showed, Not a strand of hair was revealed

一丝头发 A hair, A strand of hair

在他木髓制的遮阳帽下 Under his pith helmet, Beneath his pith helmet

木髓制 Made from pith, Pith

木髓 Pith

已染了风霜起了皱纹 Were weathered and wrinkled

起了皱纹 Wrinkled

染了风霜 Weathered

面颊深陷 Hollows of the cheeks, Sunken cheeks

紧绷在宽阔的颧骨 Stretched tight over broad cheekbones

他半透明的皮肤 His translucent skin

基因上是亚洲人 Genetically asian

在分享他的风景 Sharing his view of the scenery, Sharing his view

在分享 Sharing

他的风景 His view of the landscape, His view

带领走过小道 Lead down the path, Lead through the trail, Led through the lane, Lead through the lanes

在凄凉的奴役中 In bleak servitude

凄凉 Desolate, Miserable, Bleak, Forlorn

被系在牠的供给 Tied to its feed

像穷苦人的小母牛 Like a poor man's heifer

在他忧伤的行步里 In his sad walk, In his melancholy walk

美丽愉快的草原随意放牧 Happy pastures ranged at will, Grazing freely in happy grasslands

其中开放的妙想地 Within open ground of fancy

当地作物丰饶的溪谷 Vales rich with indigenous produce, Valleys filled with local crops

像我们以前漫游一般 Roam like we used used to, Like we roamed before

不再漫游 No longer roaming, Not wandering as once before

无忧的季节 Carefree season, Worry free season, Season of unperilous choice

无忧 Carefree, worry free, Unperilous choice

我们两个 We two, Us two

表示加热 Indicates that heat is required

注明 Indicate, Show, Specify

箭号 Arrow symbol

如果反应必须在特殊条件下才能进行 Chemistry: If the reaction requires certain conditions in order to proceed

才能进行 In order to proceed, In order to carry out, To proceed

下列何者错误 Which of the following is wrong?

通分后 After these steps have been carried out

可忽略不写 Doesn't have to be written, Can be ignored

将系数化为最简单整数 Reduce the coefficients to the simplest integers

必须有 Must have, Must include

右侧也必须有 The right side must also have

左侧有 The left side has

依序平衡各种原子 Chemistry: Sequentially balance the various atoms

各种原子 Various atoms, Atoms

定为一 Set to 1, Set to one

只出现过一次 Only appear once, Only appeared once

其系数定为 Its coefficient is set to

定为 Set to

反应式写为 Chemistry: The reaction formula is written as

反应式 Chemistry: Reaction formula, Chemical reaction formula

氧化镁 Chemistry: Magnesium oxide

生成物 Chemistry: Product of a reaction, Chemistry: Product

反应物 Chemistry: Reactants, Reactant

有人在对他背诵英诗 Someone was reciting poetry to him

英诗 English poem, English poetry, Poem, Poetry

直到他意识到 Until he realizes, Until he realized

他进入长长的幻想 He went into a long reverie

正和她一起在探索奇观 Was exploring wonders with her right now

他在那儿站了一会儿 He stood there for a while

为了确定他还尝了尝水质 He tasted the water just to be sure of its quality, He tasted the water just to be sure

尝了尝 Tasted

环绕一池清凉干净活水的一丛小树林 A small grove surrounding a cool, clear pond of fresh water

在林子里沿着山侧蜿蜒而上 Winding through trees up the hillside, Wound up the hillside through the woods

他已经蹲下在指尖摩弄一小撮泥土 He was already crouched down and rubbing a pinch of dirt between his fingertips

他已经蹲下 He was crouched down, He'd already crouched down, He'd squatted

行李里没带阳伞 Hadn't packed a parasol

行李里没带 Hadn't packed

挥舞望远镜 Telescope-wielding, Wielding a telescope

时尚专栏家 Occupation-profession: Fashion columnist

阳伞再度流行 Parasols are back in fashion, The parasol was back

回到他们的客舱换衣服 Return to their cabin to change, Returned to their cabin to change, Returned to their cabins to change

客舱 Cabin, Cabins, Guest room, Stateroom

目睹女王和亲王的穿着后 After seeing what the Queen and prince consort were wearing


髂骨前上棘 ASIC, ASIS, Anterior Superior Iliac Crest, Anterior Superior Iliac Spine

腹部 Abdomen

腹肌 Abdominal Muscles

腹壁 Abdominal Wall

髋臼 Acetabulum

肩锁关节 Acromio-Clavicular Joint

峰锁骨关节 Acromio-Clavicular Joint

肩峰 Acromion Process

内收短肌 Adductor Brevis

内收肌群 Adductor Group

内收长肌 Adductor Longus

内收大肌 Adductor Magnus

主运动肌 Agonist

肺泡 Alveoli

肛门腺 Anal Glands

踝关节 Ankle Joint

拮抗肌 Antagonist

屁眼 Anus

肛门 Anus

附肢骨骼 Appendicular Skeleton

胳膊 Arm

手臂肌肉 Arm Muscles

胳肢窝 Armpit

腋窝 Armpits

动脉 Artery

关节软骨 Articular Cartilage

关节突 Articular Process

中轴骨骼 Axial Skeleton

二头肌沟 Bicepital Groove

二头肌 Biceps

肱二头肌长头 Biceps Brachii Long Head

肱二头肌短头 Biceps Brachii Short Head

股二头肌 Biceps Femoris

股二头肌长头 Biceps Femoris Long Head

股二头肌短头 Biceps Femoris Short Head

血管 Blood Vessels

骨头 Bone

筋骨 Bones And Muscles

肱肌 Brachialis

脑髓 Brain

脑子 Brain

头脑 Brain

耻骨嵴和坐骨粗隆间的桥梁 Bridge The Gap Between The Pubic Bone And Ischial Tuberosities

中枢神经 CNS, Central Nervous System

跟骨 Calcaneus

微血管 Capillary

肱骨小头 Capitulum

腕骨 Carpals

软骨 Cartilage

颈椎 Cervical Spine

颧骨 Cheekbone

胸口 Chest

胸膛 Chest

胸肌 Chest Muscles

下巴 Chin

锁骨 Clavicle

尾骨 Coccyx

喙肱肌 Coraco-Brachialis

肋软骨 Costal Cartilage

胯部 Crotch, Groin

骰骨 Cuboid

楔骨 Cuneiform

楔状骨 Cuneiform bone

三角肌 Deltoid

三角肌前头 Deltoid Anterior Head

三角肌中头 Deltoid Medial Head

三角肌后头 Deltoid Posterior Head

三角肌粗隆 Deltoid Tuberosity

膈肌 Diaphragm

骨干 Diaphysis

十二指肠 Duodenum

肘关节 Elbow Joint

肘接 Elbow joint

肌内膜 Endomysium

骨内膜 Endosteum

肌外膜 Epimysium

竖棘肌 Erector Spinae

筛骨 Ethmoid Bone

外肋间肌 External Intercostals

腹外斜肌 External Obliques

眼窝 Eye Socket

眼睑 Eyelid

眼皮 Eyelids

眼睛 Eyes

假肋 False Ribs

肌膜 Fascia

股骨头 Femoral Head

股骨颈 Femoral Neck

大腿骨 Femur

股骨 Femur

腓骨 Fibula

手指关节 Finger Joints

浮肋 Floating Ribs

蹠骨 Foot Bones And Bones Of The Arch, Meta-Tarsals

额头 Forehead

额骨 Frontal Bone

胆囊 Gall bladder

孖下肌 Gemellus Inferior

孖上肌 Gemellus Superior

臀肌 Gluteus

大臀肌 Gluteus Maximus

臀大肌 Gluteus Maximus

中臀肌 Gluteus Medius

臀中肌 Gluteus Medius

臀小肌 Gluteus Minimus

小臀肌 Gluteus Minimus

股薄肌 Gracilis

坐骨大切迹 Greater Sciatic Notch

鼠蹊 Groin

硬颚 Hard Palate

腓骨头 Head Of Fibula

肝动脉 Hepatic Artery

胯骨 Hip Bone

髋骨 Hip Bone

无名骨 Hip Bone, Innominate Bone, Nameless Bone

髋关节 Hip Joint

股关节 Hip Joint

肱骨头 Humeral Head

肱骨 Humerus

舌骨 Hyoid Bone

髂骨棘 Iliac Crest

肠骨棘 Iliac crest, Iliac spine

髂肌 Iliacus

髂腰肌 Iliopsoas

髂骨 Ilium

肠骨 Ilium

棘下肌 Infraspinatus

腹股沟 Inguinal, Inguinal Groove

腹股沟韧带 Inguinal Ligament

中间楔状骨 Intermediate Cuneiform

内肋间肌 Internal Intercostals

腹内斜肌 Internal Obliques

椎间盘 Intervertebral Disc

椎间孔 Intervertebral Foramina

坐骨棘 Ischial Spine

坐骨结节 Ischial Tuberosities

坐骨粗隆 Ischial Tuberosities

坐骨枝 Ischio-Ramus

坐骨 Ischium

关节 Joint

关节面 Joint Facet

肾脏 Kidney, Kidneys

膝关节 Knee Joint

指节 Knuckle, Knuckles

指关节 Knuckles

泪骨 Lacrimal Bone

椎板 Laminae

外侧楔状骨 Lateral Cuneiform

外头 Lateral Head (Muscle)

外踝腓骨 Lateral Malleolus Of The Fibula

外侧缘 Lateral Margin

背肌 Latissimus

阔背肌 Latissimus Dorsai

坐骨小切迹 Lesser Sciatic Notch

提肩胛肌 Levator Scapulae

韧带 Ligaments

股骨粗线 Linea Aspera

肝脏 Liver

下角 Lower Angle

下关节突 Lower Articular Process

腰椎 Lumbar Spine

肺脏 Lungs

下颌骨 Mandible

上颌骨 Maxilla

内侧楔状骨 Medial Cuneiform

内踝胫骨 Medial Malleolus Of The Tibia

内侧缘 Medial Margin

内侧的肌肉 Medial Muscles

掌骨 Meta-Carpals

筋肉 Muscle

肌肉 Muscle

肌纤维 Muscle Fibers

肌群 Muscle Group

筋肉组织 Muscle Tissue

腹壁的肌肉 Muscles Of The Abdominal Wall

躯干的肌肉 Muscles Of The Trunk

肌耐力 Muscular Endurance

鼻骨 Nasal Bone

舟状骨 Navicular

颈部 Neck

神经 Nerve

神经传感 Neurotransmitter

乳头 Nipple

闭孔外肌 Obturator Externus

闭孔内肌 Obturator Internus

枕骨 Occipital Bone

视神经 Optic nerve

腭骨 Palatine Bone

胰脏 Pancreas

顶骨 Parietal Bone

耻骨肌 Pectineus

胸大肌 Pectoralis Major

胸大肌锁骨部 Pectoralis Major Clavicular Head

胸大肌胸骨部 Pectoralis Major Sternal Head

胸小肌 Pectoralis Minor

椎弓根 Pedicle

椎根 Pedicle

骨盆隔膜 Pelvic Diaphragm

骨盆底 Pelvic Floor

骨盆带 Pelvic Girdle

骨盆的下侧部份 Pelvic Girdle Lower Portion

骨盆区域 Pelvic Region

骨盆 Pelvis

肾盂 Pelvis

阴茎 Penis

肌束膜 Perimysium

骨膜 Periosteum

骨外膜 Periosteum

腓长肌 Peroneus Longus

指骨 Phalanges

趾骨 Phalanges

梨状肌 Piriformis

脑下垂体 Pituitary Gland

枢轴关节 Pivot Joint

腰肌 Psoas

腰大肌 Psoas Major

耻骨 Pubic Bone

耻骨嵴 Pubic Crest

耻骨联合 Pubic Synthesis

耻骨结节 Pubic Tubercle

耻骨下枝 Pubo-Ramus

眼瞳 Pupil (of the eye)

方股肌 Quadratus Femoris

股方肌 Quadratus Femoris

股四头肌 Quadriceps

桡骨茎突 Radial Bone Styloid Process

下尺桡关节 Radio-Ulnar Joint

桡骨 Radius

直肠 Rectum

腹直肌 Rectus Abdominus

股直肌 Rectus Femoris

眼网膜 Retina

视网膜 Retina

大菱形肌 Rhomboid Major

小菱形肌 Rhomboid Minor

胸廓 Ribcage

肋骨 Ribs

荐骨 Sacrum

缝匠肌 Sartorius

舟骨 Scaphoid

肩胛骨 Scapula, Shoulder blade

肩胛棘 Scapular Ridge, Scapular Spine

肾囊 Scrotum

半膜肌 Semimembranosus

半腱肌 Semitendinosus

前锯肌 Serratus Anterior

肩膀 Shoulder

肩头 Shoulder

肩关节 Shoulder Joint

肩窝 Shoulder socket

骨骼 Skeleton

骷髅 Skeleton

头骨 Skull

骷髅头 Skull

蠂骨 Sphenoid Bone

背脊骨 Spinal Column

脊椎 Spine

棘突 Spinous Process

协同肌 Stabilizers

胸锁骨关节 Sterno-Clavicular Joint

胸锁乳突肌 Sternocleido-Mastoid

胸骨 Sternum

胃部 Stomach

肩胛下肌 Subscapularis

耻骨上枝 Superior Pubic Ramus

上枝 Superior Ramus

棘上肌 Supraspinatus

距骨 Talus

跗骨 Tarsals

颞骨 Temporal Bone

肌腱 Tendon

筋节 Tendons And Joints

筋络 Tendons And Veins

阔肌膜张肌 Tensor Fascia Latae

大圆肌 Teres Major

小圆肌 Teres Minor

躯干 The trunk

大腿 Thigh

股沟 Thigh Groove

胸腔 Thoracic Cavity

胸椎 Thoracic Spine

胫骨 Tibia

胫骨粗隆 Tibial Tuberosity

趾关节 Toe Joint

气管 Trachea

腹横肌 Transverse Abdominus

横突 Transverse Process

斜方肌 Trapezius

三头肌 Triceps

肱三头肌 Triceps Brachii

肱三头肌外头 Triceps Brachii Lateral Head

肱三头肌长头 Triceps Brachii Long Head

肱三头肌内头 Triceps Brachii Medial Head

肱骨滑车 Trochlea

真肋 True Ribs

结节 Tubercle

肋骨小面 Tubercle Of Rib

粗隆 Tuberosity

尺骨 Ulna

尺骨之茎状突 Ulna Styloid Process

上角 Upper Angle

上关节突 Upper Articular Process

上胸位置 Upper Chest Region

上臂 Upper arm

大胸肌使力 Using The Strength Of The Pectoralis Major

产前 Vagina

中间广肌 Vastus Intermedius

外侧广肌 Vastus Lateralis

内侧广肌 Vastus Medialis

脊椎骨 Vertebrae

椎体 Vertebral Body

椎孔 Vertebral Foramen

脊椎关节 Vertebral Joint

声带 Vocal chords

锄骨 Vomer

犁骨 Vomer Bone

子宫 Womb

手腕 Wrist

腕关节 Wrist Joint


羚羊 Antelope

猿猴 Ape

小象 Baby Elephant

河狸 Beaver

野牛 Bison

黑熊 Black bear

山猫 Bobcat, Lynx, Wildcat

棕熊 Brown Bear

斗牛犬 Bulldog

骆驼 Camel

猫咪 Cat

猫猫 Cat

小猫 Cat

变色龙 Chameleon

猎豹 Cheetah, Leopard

眼镜蛇 Cobra

奶牛 Cow

土狼 Coyote

恐龙 Dinosaur

冰原狼 Dire wolf

狗儿 Dog

狗狗 Dog

驴子 Donkey

大象 Elephant

田鼠 Field Mouse

鼯鼠 Flying Squirrel

狐狸 Fox

大熊猫 Giant panda

山羊 Goat

小羊 Goat

幼兽 Hatchling

小母牛 Heifer

母鸡 Hen

河马 Hippopotamus

猎狗 Hunting Dog

无尾熊 Koala

花豹 Leopard

狮子 Lion

蜥蜴 Lizard

小猴子 Monkey

猴子 Monkey, Monkeys

山狮 Mountain lion

鼠标 Mouse

小老鼠 Mouse

老鼠 Mouse

骡子 Mule

无毛鼹形鼠 Naked mole rat

水獭 Otter

猫熊 Panda

熊猫 Panda

小猪 Piglet

犁马 Plough Horse

毒蛇 Poisonous snake

北极熊 Polar Bear

小狗 Puppy

蟒蛇 Python

兔子 Rabbit

小兔 Rabbit

浣熊 Raccoon

蛔虫 Round worm

海蛇 Sea snake

绵羊 Sheep

臭鼬 Skunk

蜗牛 Snail

大蛇 Snake

栗鼠 Squirrel

松鼠 Squirrel

老虎 Tiger

蟾蜍 Toad

乌龟 Turtle

麒麟 Unicorn

战马 War Horse

鼬鼠 Weasel

鼠狼 Weasel

白鹿 White Deer

野猫 Wild Cat

狼狈 Wolverine

黄牛 Yellow Bull

斑马 Zebra


鲍鱼 Abalone

鳄鱼 Alligator

鳕鱼 Cod

螃蟹 Crab

鱿鱼 Cuttlefish

海豚 Dolphin

小鱼 Fish

青蛙 Frog

章鱼 Octopus

鲑鱼 Salmon

海葵 Sea Anemone

鲈鱼 Sea Bass

鲨鱼 Shark

虾仁 Shrimp

鲷鱼 Snapper

海星 Starfish

旗鱼 Swordfish

蝌蚪 Tadpole

热带鱼 Tropical fish

鲔鱼 Tuna

鲸鱼 Whale


信天翁 Albatross

鸟儿 Bird

雀鸟 Bird

黑天鹅 Black Swan

红嘴黑鹎 Black bulbul

蓝鹊 Blue Magpie

仙禽 Crane

仙鹤 Crane

乌鸦 Crow

布谷鸟 Cuckoo

鸭子 Duck

水鸭 Duck

苍鹰 Eagle, Falcon

白鹭鸾 Egret

白鹅 Goose

八哥 Myna

鸵鸟 Ostrich

鹦鹉 Parrot

孔雀 Peacock

企鹅 Penguin

企鹅们 Penguins

鸽子 Pigeon

黑乌鸦 Raven

海鸥 Sea Gull

麻雀 Sparrow

燕子 Swallow

燕窝 Swallow's nests

天鹅 Swan

画眉 Thrush

啄木鸟 Woodpecker


蚂蚁 Ant

蜜蜂 Bee

窝蜂 Bee's nest

甲虫 Beetle

虫虫 Bugs, Insects, Worms

毛毛虫 Caterpillar

蝉儿们 Cicada

蟋蟀 Cricket

萤火 Firefly

苍蝇 Fly

果蝇 Fruit fly

蚊子 Gnat, Mosquito

大黄蜂 Hornet

昆虫 Insects

孑孓 Mosquito larvae

蜘蛛 Spider

黄蜂 Wasp


搅拌器 Blender

冰箱 Cooler, Fridge, Icebox, Refrigerator

吹风机 Hair dryer

家庭电器 Household appliance

微波炉 Microwave oven

火炉 Oven

无线电 Radio

线电 Radio

收音机 Radio

电饭锅 Rice cooker

机器人吸尘器 Robot vacuum cleaner

伦巴机器人吸尘器 Roomba robot vacuum

炉子 Stove

电视 Television

电视机 Television

烤面包机 Toaster

真空吸尘器 Vacuum cleaner

吸尘器 Vacuum cleaner

洗衣机 Washing machine

热水器 Water heater


远日点 Aphelion

远地点 Apogee

黑洞 Black Hole

彗星 Comet

星系 Galaxy, Planetary System, Star System

流星 Meteor, Shooting Star

轨道 Orbit

轨道动力能 Orbital Mechanics

星球 Planet

行星 Planets

卫星 Satellite

恒星系统 Star System

恒星系 Star System, Stellar System

星星 Stars

太阳 Sun

虫洞 Wormhole


地球 Earth

木星 Jupiter

火星 Mars

水星 Mercury

海星 Neptune

冥王星 Pluto

土星 Saturn

月球 The Moon

天王星 Uranus

金星 Venus


酒精 Alcohol

可可亚 Cocoa

椰奶 Coconut Milk

椰奶冰沙 Coconut Milk Smoothy

半杯 Half cup

养乐多柠檬 Healthy Lemon Drink

热水 Hot Water, Hot Water

摩卡 Mocha

阿华田 Ovaltine

冰沙 Smoothy (Blended Ice Drink)

矿泉水 Spring Water


啤酒 Beer

瓶啤酒 Bottle of beer

百威啤酒 Budweiser beer

冰啤酒 Cold beer

台湾金牌啤酒 Taiwan Gold Medal Beer

泰国啤酒 Thailand Beer


一杯热咖啡 A Cup Of Coffee

美式黑咖啡 Americano

黑苦咖啡 Bitter black coffee

黑咖啡 Black Coffee

咖啡馆 Café, Coffee shop

咖啡 Coffee

烘咖啡 Coffee Roaster

精品啡 Coffee flavored

浓缩咖啡 Espresso

多一份浓缩咖啡 Extra shot of espresso

热咖啡 Hot Coffee

拿铁 Latte

添咖啡 More coffee

上午的咖啡 Morning coffee

早晨的咖啡 Morning coffee

无糖拿铁咖啡 Sugar Free Latte


卡布其诺 Cappuccino

卡布 Cappuccino

卡布基诺 Cappuccino


冰咖啡 Ice Coffee

西西里柠檬冰咖啡 Sicilian Lemon Flavored Ice Coffee


炙烧黑糖那缇 Burnt Brown Sugar Latte

蜂蜜肉桂那缇 Honey And Cinnamon Latte

那缇 Latte

抹茶那缇 Mocha Latte

烤杏果那缇 Roast Almond Latte

豆浆拿铁咖啡 Soy Milk Latte

特调拿铁咖啡 Special Latte

太妃榛果那缇 Toffee Nut Latte

香草那缇 Vanilla Latte

凡尔赛玫瑰那缇 Versailles Rose Latte


炙烧黑糖欧蕾 Brown Sugar Café Au Lait

焦糖玛琦朵 Caramel Machiato

烤布蕾玛朵 Crème Brulee Macchiato

玛朵 Macchiato

玛琦朵 Machiato


苹果凤梨汁 Apple And Pineapple Juice

苹果汁 Apple Juice

红萝卜汁 Carrot Juice

椰子汁 Coconut Juice

新鲜果汁 Fresh Fruit Juice

柳橙原汁 Fresh Orange Juice

现榨果汁 Fresh Squeezed Juice

泰国果肉鲜椰子汁 Fresh Thailand Coconut Juice With Fruit Pulp

果汁 Fruit Juice

芭乐柠檬 Guava And Lemon (A Drink)

芭乐凤梨 Guava And Pineapple (A Drink)

芭乐汁 Guava Juice (A Drink)

蜂蜜柠檬汁 Honey-Lemon Juice

原汁 Juice

奇异果苹果汁 Kiwi And Apple Juice

奇异果柳橙汁 Kiwi And Orange Juice

奇异果凤梨汁 Kiwi And Pineapple Juice

奇异果汁 Kiwi Juice

金桔柠檬汁 Kumquat And Lemon Juice

金桔汁 Kumquat Juice

柠檬汁 Lemon juice

芒果汁 Mango Juice

综合果汁 Mixed fruit juice

柳橙汁 Orange Juice

木瓜汁 Papaya Juice

百香果汁 Passion Fruit Juice

凤梨西瓜汁 Pineapple And Watermelon Juice

凤梨汁 Pineapple Juice

凤梨柳橙汁 Pineapple-Orange Juice

梅子芭乐汁 Plum And Guava Juice

梅子蕃茄汁 Plum And Tomato Juice

葡萄柚原汁 Pomello Juice

蕃茄凤梨汁 Tomato And Pineapple Juice

西瓜汁 Watermelon Juice


绿豆沙牛奶 Green bean milk smoothy

芭乐牛奶 Guava And Milk (A Drink)

低脂牛奶 Low Fat Milk

牛奶 Milk

奶水 Milk

综合牛奶 Mixed Milk Drink (Possibly With Mixed Fruit)

木瓜牛奶 Papaya And Milk

凤梨牛奶 Pineapple And Milk

台湾省农会牛奶 Taiwan Local Farmers Association Milk

西瓜牛奶 Watermelon And Milk

全脂牛奶 Whole Milk


糙米浆 Brown Rice Milk

糙米豆浆 Brown Rice Soy Milk

鲜奶豆浆 Fresh Soy Milk

薏仁糙米浆 Job's Tears Brown Rice Milk

薏仁浆 Job's Tears Milk

薏仁豆浆 Job's Tears Soy Milk

米浆 Rice milk

豆浆 Soy milk


珍珠奶茶 Bubble milk tea

鲜奶奶茶 Fresh Milk Milk Tea

姜汁奶茶 Ginger milk tea

冰奶茶 Iced Milk Tea

牛奶奶茶 Milk Tea


苹果西打 Apple Soda

黑松沙士 Black Pine Sarsaparilla

可口可乐 Coca Cola, Coke

可乐 Cola

芒果微舒打 Mango Soda

蜜桃草莓微舒打 Peach And Strawberry Soda

西打 Soda

汽水 Soda


杏仁茶 Almond Tea

又一杯热茶 Another cup of tea

红茶 Black Tea (Red Tea)

杯茶 Cup Of Tea

一杯热茶 Cup of tea

各种茶 Different teas

伯爵茶 Earl Grey Tea

水果茶 Fruit tea

姜汁奶茶 Ginger milk tea

青草茶 Grass Tea

绿牛奶茶无糖 Green Milk Tea Without Sugar

青茶 Green Tea

绿茶 Green Tea

绿茶无糖 Green Tea Without Sugar

热茶 Hot tea, Tea

柠檬红茶 Lemon Black Tea

奶茶 Milk Tea

抹茶 Mocha

茶水 Tea

泰式奶茶 Thai Style Milk Tea

冬瓜红茶 Winter Melon Black Tea

冬瓜茶 Winter Melon Tea


某一种化合物 A certain compound

某一种化合物的分子量 A certain compound's molecular weight

物质发生化学变化产生新物质 A substance that undergoes a chemical change produces a new substance

依据道耳顿原子说 According to Dalton's atomic theory

加入适量的水盐酸 Add an appropriate amount of hydrochloric acid

水溶液 Aqueous solution

甲原子 Atom A

甲的原子量 Atom A's atomic weight

原子的质量 Atomic mass

碳原子质量 Atomic mass of carbon

原子质量比 Atomic mass ratio

原子量订法 Atomic weighing method

原子量 Atomic weight

碳的原子量 Atomic weight of carbon

镁的原子量 Atomic weight of magnesium, Magnesium's atomic weight

其他元素的原子量 Atomic weights of other elements

原子与分子 Atoms and molecules

亚佛加厥数 Avogadro's number

碳酸钙 Calcium carbonate

氯化钙 Calcium chloride

碳原子 Carbon atom

二氧化碳 Carbon dioxide

催化剂 Catalyst

化学式 Chemical formula, Chemical formulae, Molecular formula

化学式中所含原子 Chemical formula's included atoms

化学反应式 Chemical reaction formula

化学反应的式子 Chemical reaction formula

氯气 Chlorine, Chlorine gas

常见元素 Common elements

含有多少莫耳氧原子 Contains how many moles of oxygen atoms

硫酸铜 Copper sulfate

各原子质量 Each atomic mass

吸热 Endothermic

吸热反应 Endothermic reaction

放热 Exothermic

放热反应 Exothermic reaction

分子中所有原子 For all atoms within a molecule

气态 Gas state, Gaseous

葡萄糖 Glucose

有多少莫耳 Has how many moles?

多少莫耳 How many moles?

含有多少莫耳 How many moles?

盐酸 Hydrochloric acid

氢气 Hydrogen

双氧水 Hydrogen peroxide

双氧水分解产生水和氧气 Hyrdrogen peroxide decomposes to produce water and oxygen

如果反应必须在特殊条件下才能进行 If the reaction requires certain conditions in order to proceed

氧化铁 Iron oxide

相当于多少莫耳 Is equivalent to how many moles?

其化学式写为 Its molecular formulae is written as

镁和碳 Magnesium and carbon

镁原子 Magnesium atom

氧化镁 Magnesium oxide

分子数 Mass divided by atomic mass or molecular mass

质量比 Mass ratio

甲烷 Methane

莫耳 Mol, Mole

分子的 Molecular

分子式 Molecular formula

分子的质量 Molecular mass

分子模型 Molecular model

分子量 Molecular weight

分子量是各分子质量的比较数值 Molecular weight is a molecule's relative molecular mass, Molecular weight is the relative value of a molecules molecular mass

分子量为分子中所有原子的原子量总和 Molecular weight is the sum of the atomic weights of all atoms within a molecule

莫耳数 Number of moles

氧气 Oxygen

氧原子 Oxygen atom

将沉淀物置入丙试管中 Place the precipitate into the third test tube

把乙试管内的液体全部倒入 Pour in all of the liquid from test tube B

沉淀 Precipitate

沉淀物 Precipitate

生成物 Product, Product of a reaction

反应物 Reactants

反应式 Reaction formula

分子质量的比较数值 Relative molecular mass

饱和氯化钙水溶液 Saturated calcium chloride solution

饱和碳酸钠水溶液 Saturated sodium carbonate solution

依序平衡各种原子 Sequentially balance the various atoms

碳酸钠 Sodium carbonate

化钠 Sodium chloride

化学计量 Stoichiometry

分子中所有原子的原子量 The atomic mass for all atoms within a molecule

一个原子或分子的质量 The mass of an atom or molecule

反应式写为 The reaction formula is written as

分子中所有原子的原子量总和 The sum of atomic masses of all atoms within a molecule

质量为多少公克 What is the mass in grams?

哪一个分子数较多 Which molecular number is bigger

氢氧化钠 sodium hydroxide


鸟官 Bird officials


围裙 Apron

臂章 Armband

泳衣 Bathing Suit, Swimming Costume, Swimming Trunks

晨褛 Bathrobe

浴袍 Bathrobe, Robe

米色麻料西装 Beige linen suit

腰带 Belt

上衣 Blouse, Shirt

领结 Bow tie

西装 Business suit

斗篷 Cape, Cloak

衣服 Clothes

衣裳 Clothes

衣着 Clothes, Clothing

衣料 Clothing

外衣 Coat, Garment

领子 Collar

衣领 Collar

蓬裙 Crinoline

裤裆 Crotch Of Trousers

袖扣 Cuff link

舞衣 Dancing Clothes

牛仔夹克 Denim Jacket

牛仔衬衫 Denim Shirt

晚宴服 Dinner Jacket

脱掉 Doffed

羽绒服 Down jacket

洋装 Dress

礼服 Dress, Gown

连身裙 Dress

耳环 Ear rings

晚礼服 Evening Dress

连身印花裙 Floral dress, Floral print one piece dress

前面口袋 Front Pocket

眼镜 Glasses

手套 Gloves

护目镜 Goggles

蛙镜 Goggles

袍子 Gown

头盔 Helmet

连帽外套 Hoodie, Sweat Top

夹克 Jacket

牛仔裤 Jeans

实验衣 Lab coat

蕾丝领子 Lace collar

皮衣 Leather Clothing

麻料西装 Linen suit

长度到大腿中段的格子呢裙 Mid-Thigh Length Tartan Skirt

军服 Military Uniform, Uniform

领巾 Neckerchief

项链 Necklace

领带 Necktie

睡袍 Nightgown

睡衣 Pajamas

裤子 Pants

罩裙 Pinafore, Smock

保护衣 Protective clothing

皮包 Purse

雨衣 Rain Coat

红袍 Red Robe

红臂章 Red armband

红领巾 Red neckerchief

校服 School Clothes, School Uniform

衬衫 Shirt

衬衣 Shirt

短裙 Short Skirt

短裤装 Short-pants suit

短裤 Shorts

丝袍 Silk robe

紧身衣 Skin-tight clothing

裙子 Skirt

裙幅 Skirts

袖子 Sleeve, Sleeves

洋袜子 Socks

带刺头盔 Spiked helmet

墨镜 Sunglasses

毛衣 Sweater

脱下来 Take off (clothes), Undress

格子呢裙 Tartan Skirt

领带夹 Tie clip

脱了 Took off

裤管 Trouser Legs

长裤 Trousers

衷衣 Undergarments, Underwear

内裤 Underwear

制服 Uniform

背心 Vest, Waistcoat

背褡 Vest

白裙 White dress

白袍 White gown

白色蕾丝睡袍 White lace nightgown

羊毛裤 Wool Trousers


破鞋 Battered shoes, Scuffed shoes

靴子 Boots

帆布鞋 Canvas shoes

帆布便鞋 Canvas shoes, Canvas slippers, Espadrille

布鞋 Cloth shoes

套鞋 Galoshes, Overboots

胶鞋 Galoshes, Rubber boots

皮靴 Leather boots

皮鞋 Leather shoes

擦皮鞋 Polish shoes, Shine shoes

雨鞋 Rain Boots, Rubber boots

脱鞋 Remove shoes

马靴 Riding boots

凉鞋 Sandal

鞋子 Shoes

球鞋 Sneakers

这双鞋子 This pair of shoes

没穿鞋 Wasn't wearing shoes


米色 Beige

黑色的 Black

黑黑 Black

黑色 Black

黑亮 Black and glossy

血红 Blood red

血红的 Blood red

蓝色 Blue

蓝蓝 Blue

亮粉红 Bright pink

古铜色 Bronze, Copper Colored

棕色 Brown

褐褐 Brown

褐色 Brown

碳色 Charcoal color

咖啡色 Coffee colored, brown

铜色 Copper Colour

乳白颜色 Cream-color

暗色 Dark

深色的 Dark Coloured

暗绿色 Dark Green

鼠灰色 Dark Grey, Mouse Gray

深灰 Deep-gray

各色 Every Colour

火红色 Fire colored

肤色 Flesh Color, Flesh Tones, Skin Colour

金色 Gold Colour

灰色 Gray

淡银色的 Gray, Light Silver

灰黑 Gray-black

灰粉红色 Grayish-pink

绿色的 Green

绿色 Green

翠绿的 Green

翠绿 Green

青青 Green

绿绿的 Green

绿绿 Green

卡其色 Khaki

淡紫色 Lavender Colour

浅粉红色 Light Pink

赭红 Ocher red

橙色的 Orange

橘色 Orange

橘红色 Orange Colour

浅色 Pale Coloured

紫色 Purple

紫色的 Purple

红色 Red

红红 Red

红红褐褐 Red-brown

红褐 Reddish brown

鲑鱼颜色 Salmon-colored

银色 Silver Colour

钢铁蓝 Steel-blue

土耳其玉 Turquoise

白色 White

白色的 White

白白的 White

黄色 Yellow

黄色的 Yellow

黄黄 Yellow


非洲 Africa

亚洲 Asia

欧洲 Europe

北美 North America


俄国 Russia


黑臀舞 Black Bottom

查尔斯顿舞 Charleston

电子滑步 Electric slide

摇摆舞 Lindy

小步舞 Minuet

华尔滋 Waltz


乙太号 Aether

奇美拉号 Chimera

切努克号 Chinook

永续号 Endurance

爱丽丝号 Iris Probe

拓荒者号 Pathfinder probe

序号 Serial number

十号 Ten

缅因号 USS Maine

萨拉托加号 USS Saratoga


加速器 Accelerator

声耦合器 Acoustic coupling device

警报器 Alarm

交流发电机 Alternator

仪器 Apparatus, Equipment

核反应炉 Atomic reactor

充电器 Battery recharger

浏览器 Browser

内在计时器 Built in timer

防盗警报器 Burglar alarm

计算机 Calculator

记录器 Camera

离心分离机 Centrifuge

碟形讯号接收器 Communications dish

通讯器材 Communications equipment

讯号接收器 Communications receiver, Receiver

复式显微镜 Compound microscope

台伺服器 Computer network device, Server

冷凝器 Condenser

传导器 Connecting device

操控器 Controller

烧录机 DVD burner

牙医器材 Dental tool

探测器 Detector, Probe, Surveying equipment

侦测器 Detector

机器 Device

器件 Device

数位电脑 Digital computer

硬盘 Disk drive

萤幕 Display, Monitor

电器 Electricical equipment

电子显微镜 Electron microscope

电子仪器 Electronic equipment

器材 Equipment

挤压器 Extruder

过滤器 Filter

灭火器 Fire extinguisher

磁盘 Floppy disk

一般型计算机 General purpose calculator

产生器 Generator

陀螺仪 Gyroscope

平视显示器 HUD, Heads Up Display

硬碟 Hard drive

照明器 Illumination device

影像感测器 Image sensor

影像稳定器 Image stabilizer

离子引擎 Ion engine

键盘 Keyboard

笔电 Laptop computer

雷射器 Laser

发射器 Launcher

镜头影像稳定器 Lens image stabilizer

维生系统 Life support system

灯泡 Light bulb

轻型推进器 Light thrusters

机器臂 Manipulator, Manipulator arm, Mechanical arm, Robot arm

机器手臂 Manipulator arm, Mechanical arm

机械计算机 Mechanical calculator

机械 Mechanical device

机器玩意 Mechanical device

操纵器 Mechanical manipulator

机械怀表 Mechanical pocket watch

机制 Mechanism

分子器件 Molecular device, Molecular widget

显示器 Monitor

监测器 Monitor, Monitoring device, Sensor, Tracker

监视器 Monitor, Surveillance device

滑鼠 Mouse

播放器 Movie player

倍增器 Multiplier, a type of electronic component

神经传导器 Neural interface

平板电脑 Notepad computer, Tablet computer

核能反应炉 Nuclear reactor

制氧机 Oxygen producing machine, Oxygenator

粒子加速器 Particle accelerator

行步动力器 Pedomotive, Robotic walking assist device, Walker

现象镜 Phenomenoscope

怀表 Pocket watch

电位器 Potentiometer

压力感测器 Pressure sensor

打印机 Printer

处理器 Processor

投影 Projector

推进器 Propulsion device

无线电波望远镜 Radio telescope

读写机器 Read and write machinery

接收器 Receiver (e.g. radio receiver)

遥感仪器 Remote sensor

机器马 Robot horse

卫星天线 Satellite dish

卫星迅号接受器 Satellite dish

感测器 Scanner, Sensor

扫描器 Scanner

清道夫装置 Scavenger

科学型计算机 Scientific calculator

传感器 Sensor

感应器 Sensors

服务器 Server

缝纫机 Sewing machine

讯号发射器 Signal transmission device, Transmitter

聚光灯 Spotlight

稳定器 Stabilizer

蒸汽产生器 Steam generator

听诊器 Stethoscope

手写笔 Stylus

潜艇探测器 Submarine detector

随身碟 Thumb drive, USB drive

计时器 Timer

器具 Tool

的追踪器 Tracking device

追踪器 Tracking device

发送器 Transmitter

器皿 Utensil

录影机 VCR, Video player

摄影机 Video camera

观景器 Viewfinder

景器 Viewfinder

净水器 Water purifier

轮椅 Wheel chair


酒精灯 Alcohol burner

器材或设备 Apparatus or equipment

烧杯 Beaker

灯罩盖 Burner cover

夹持 Clamp

锥形瓶 Conical flask

燃烧匙 Deflagrating spoon

铁环 Iron ring

打火机 Lighter

铁夹 Metal clamp

铁架 Metal stand

研钵 Mortar

研钵及杵 Mortar and pestle

试管 Test tube

夹持试管 Test tube clamp

广用夹 Universal clamp

表玻璃 Watch glass


核焰 Atomic Breath (Godzilla)

爆炸笔 Exploding pen

爆裂物 Explosive device

核弹 Nuclear bomb

核武器 Nuclear weapon

武器投掷 Throwing weapon

计时器核弹 Timer equipped Nuclear bomb

武器 Weapon

器械 Weapon

武器系统 Weapon system


喝不了 Can't drink

喝醉的 Drunk

喝醉了 Drunk

喝的太醉 Too drunk


卡通 Cartoon

功夫片 Kung Fu Film


芝麻街 Sesame Street

芝麻街的 Sesame street's

飙风不归路 Sons Of Anarchy


哑铃 Dumbells

划船机 Rowing machine

踏步机 Step machine


二十四式 24 Style

起势 Beginning (Or Opening)

双峰贯耳 Both Fists Pierce Ears

收势 Closing Form

云手 Cloud Hands

十字手 Cross Hands

闪通臂 Fan Open Arms

掤履挤按 Grap Sparrows Tail (Ward Off

揽雀尾履挤按 Grasp Sparrows Tail (Roll Back

高探马 High On Horse Back

左右搂膝拗步 Left And Right Brush Knee Twist Step

左右倒卷肱 Left And Right Moving Backwards Roll Forearms

左右穿梭 Left And Right Piercing Palm, Weaving Left And Right

左右野马分鬃 Left And Right Wild Horse Parts Mane

左揽雀尾掤 Left Grasp Sparrow's Tail Ward Off

左揽雀尾 Left Grasp Sparrows Tail

左下势独立 Left Low Form To Standing On One Leg

提手 Lift Hands

手挥琵琶 Lift Hands Play Guitar

海底针 Needle To Sea Bottom

预备势 Preparation

右揽雀尾 Right Grasp Sparrows Tail

右蹬脚 Right Heel Kick

右下势独立 Right Low Form To Standing On One Leg

单鞭 Single Whip

转身搬拦捶 Turn Body And Present Flowers And Strike

转身左蹬脚 Turn Body Left Heel Kick

白鹤亮翅 White Crane Spreads Wings

如封似闭 Withdraw And Push


下犬式 Adho Muka Svanasana, Downward Dog

伏犬式 Adho Muka Svanasana, Downward Dog

低弓步式 Anjaneyasana, Low Bow Pose, Low Lunge

半莲花桥式 Ardha Baddha Padma Bandhasana, Half Lotus Bridge Pose

半莲花树式 Ardha Baddha Padma Vrksasana, Half Lotus Tree Pose

半月式 Ardha Chandrasana, Half Moon Pose

半全弓式 Ardha Dhanurasana, Half Bow Pose

半船式 Ardha Navasana, Half Boat Pose

半莲花前弯式 Ardha Padma Paschimottanasana, Half Lotus Forward Bend Pose

后仰姿势 Back-Bending Posture

后仰式 Back-Bending Posture

束角式 Baddha Konasana, Bound Angle Pose, Butterfly

蝴蝶式 Baddha Konasana, Bound Angle Pose, Butterfly Pose

乌鸦式 Bakasana, Crow Pose

鸟鸦式 Bakasana, Crow Pose, Heron Pose

儿童式 Balasana, Child's Pose

婴儿式 Balasana, Child's Pose

婴孩式 Balasana, Child's Pose

婴儿式休息 Balasana, Resting Child's Pose

腹式呼吸 Belly Breathing

风箱式 Bhastrika, Wind Box Style Breathing

眼镜蛇第一式 Bhujangasana, Cobra 1

眼镜蛇式 Bhujangasana, Cobra

猫式 Bidalasana, Cat Pose

船式 Boat Pose, Navasana

弓式 Bow Pose, Dhanurasana

弓箭式 Bow Pose, Dhanurasana

驼式 Camel Pose, Ustrasana

骆驼式 Camel Pose, Ustrasana

幻椅式 Chair Pose, Utkatasana

轮式 Chakrasana, Wheel Pose

四肢支撑式 Chatarunga, Four Legged Plank Pose

支撑式 Chatarunga, Four Legged Plank Pose

尸体式 Corpse Pose, Shivasana

仰卧式 Corpse Pose, Lie Supine, Sivasana

手杖式 Dandasana, Staff Pose

海豚式 Dolphin Pose

站立轮式 Drop Back, Standing Wheel Pose

双脚内收直棍式 Dwi Pada Viparita Dandasana, Inverted Two Legged Staff Pose

鹰式的手臂 Eagle Arms

鹰式 Eagle Pose, Garudasana

单腿祛风式 Eka Pada Pavana Muktasana, Single Leg Wind Relieving Pose, Wind Relieving Pose

鹆式 Eka Pada Rajakapotasana, Pigeon Pose

单脚碰头式 Eka Pada Sirsasana, One Leg Behind The Head Pose

鱼式 Fish Pose, Matsyasana

前弯式 Forward Bend, Paschimottanasana

加强侧伸展式 Front Triangle Pose, Intense Side Stretch, Parsvottanasana, Reverse Prayer Pose

身躯转动 Full Body Twist

门闩式 Gate Pose, Paraghasana

锄式 Halasana, Plough Pose

犁式 Halasana, Plough Pose

犁锄式 Halasana, Plough Pose

压掌前弯式 Hands Beneath Feet Standing Forward Bend, Padahastasana

头碰膝前屈伸展式 Head To Knee Pose, Janusirsasana

头碰膝式 Head To The Knee Pose, Janusirsasana

头立式 Headstand, Sirsasana

准备头倒立式 Headstand Prep, Sirsasana

头倒立式 Headstand Sirsasana

英雄式 Hero Pose, Virasana

握脚趾弯式 Holding Big Toes Standing Forward Bend, Padangusthasana

单膝单脚式 Horse Face Pose, Vatyanasana

龟式 Kurmasana, Turtle Pose

靠墙倒卧式 Legs Up The Wall Pose, Viparita Karani

蝗虫式 Locust Pose, Shalabasana

舞王式 Lord Of The Dance Pose, Natarajasana

圣哲马里奇三式 Marichyasana 3

像山式 Mountain Pose

山式 Mountain Pose

孔雀式 Open Feathers Peacock Pose, Pincha Mayurasana

莲花孔雀式 Padma Mayurasana, Peacock Pose With Legs In Lotus

侧式乌鸦式 Parsva Bakasana, Side Crow Pose

卧扭转放松式 Parsva Sukhasana, Reclining Easy Twist

三角侧 Parsvokonasana, Side Angle Pose

双腿坐式体前屈式 Paschimottanasana, Seated Forward Bend

祛风式 Pavana Muktasana, Wind Relieving Pose

平板式 Plank Pose

双角式 Prasaritta Padottanasana, Wide Leg Standing Forward Bend

扭转双角式 Privrtta Prasaritta Padottanasana, Twisting Wide Leg Pose

金字塔扭转伸展式 Privrtta Prasaritta Padottanasana, Wide Leg Standing Twist

三角扭转伸展式 Privrtta Trikonasana, Revolving Triangle Pose

青犬式 Puppy Dog Pose, Uttana Shishosana

卧倚脚尖式 Reclining Big Toe Pose, Supta Padangusthasana

卧束角式 Reclining Bound Angle Pose, Reclining Butterfly, Supta Baddha

卧英雄式 Reclining Hero Pose, Supta Virasana

休息式 Resting Pose, Sivasana

肩倒立式 Salamba Sarvangasana, Shoulder Stand Inversion

肩立式 Salamba Sarvangasana, Shoulder Stand

蝎子式 Scorpion Pose, Vrschikasana

角坐式 Seated Wide Leg Forward Bend, Upavista Konasana

二郎腿 Sit Cross Legged

站立伸展式 Standing Forward Bend

站立前弯式 Standing Forward Bend, Uttanasana

踮脚式 Standing On Tip Toes

拜日式 Sun Salutation(S), Surya Namaskara

上伸腿式 Supine Legs In The Air, Urdhva Prasrita Padasana

后仰支架式 Table Top Pose

树式 Tree Pose, Vrksasana

三角式 Triangle Pose, Trikonasana

三角伸 Triangle Pose, Utthitta Trikonasana

扭转式 Twisting Pose

上犬式 Upward Facing Dog, Urdhva Muka Svanasana

上轮式 Upward Facing Wheel Pose, Urdhva Dhanurasana

战士第一式 Virabhadrasana 1, Warrior 1

战士第二式 Virabhadrasana 2, Warrior 2


阿姨 Aunt

姨妈 Aunt

姑姑 Aunt

大妈 Aunty, Father's older brother's wife

大哥 Big brother

大姐 Big sister

弟兄 Brother

兄弟 Brothers

兄弟姐妹 Brothers and Sisters

父亲 Father

爸爸 Father

公公 Father, Grandfather

父女 Father and daughter

父子 Father and son

祖父 Grandfather

姑婆 Grandfather's sister

祖母 Grandmother

阿婆 Grandmother

老婆婆 Granny

外曾祖母 Great grandmother

婆婆 Husband's mother

小弟 Little brother

外公 Maternal grandfather

外婆 Maternal grandmother

妈妈 Mother

母亲 Mother

母女 Mother and daughter

爸妈 Mother and father

母子 Mother and son

岳母 Mother-in-law

哥哥 Older brother

姐姐 Older sister, Sister

二亲 Parents

父母 Parents

父母亲 Parents

妹妹 Sister, Younger sister

大嫂 Sister

嫂子 Sister-in-law

姐妹 Sisters (also zi mei)

后母 Stepmother

叔叔 Uncle

伯伯 Uncle

大爷 Uncle

弟弟 Younger brother


小辣 A little bit hot, A little bit spicy

小苏打粉 Baking soda

豆芽菜 Bean sprouts

豆子 Beans

比利时松饼 Belgian waffles

苦肠 Bitter sausage

烫空心菜 Boiled Kong Xin Cai

汤豆芽菜 Boiled bean sprouts

烫菠菜 Boiled spinach

烫地瓜叶 Boiled sweet potato leaves

麦香 Breaded and fried

早餐 Breakfast

薄荷糖 Breath Mint, Mint, Mint Flavored Candy Or Chocolate

商业午餐 Business lunch

红辣椒 Chilli Pepper, Red Pepper

凉拌类 Cold dishes

玉米片 Cornflakes

蟹肉 Crab Meat

脆薯条 Crispy French Fries

柿饼 Dried Persimmon, Persimmon Cake

水饺 Dumplings

汤圆 Dumplings

蛋卷 Egg Roll, Egg Wrap

肥猪肉 Fatty pork

面粉 Flour

食物 Food

幸运饼干 Fortune cookie

薯条 French fries

果菜 Fruit And Vegetables

大蒜 Garlic

杏仁粒 Ground Almonds

蛋堡 Hamburger Bun With Egg

可乐饼 Hashbrown, Potato Croquette

薯饼 Hashbrown, Potato Cake

热食类 Hot Dishes (Food)

热食 Hot Food

酸辣 Hot and sour (flavor)

冰淇淋 Ice Cream

肠套肠 Intestines

炸凉圆 Jellied Meatballs That Are Fried Then Cooled

瘦猪肉 Lean pork

皮蛋 Lime Preserved Eggs

莲子 Lotus Seed

午饭 Lunch

鲁贡丸蛋 Marinated egg

饭菜 Meal

贡丸 Meat balls

中辣 Medium hot (spicy)

瓜果 Melons And Fruits

肉燥饭 Minced meat on rice

蘑菇 Mushroom

不添加防腐剂 No added preservatives

核果 Nut

坚果 Nuts

老姜 Old ginger

花生 Peanut

开心果 Pistachio

田园 Ploughman's Style

葱猪 Pork And Onions (Onions And Pork)

锅贴 Pot stickers

马铃薯总汇 Potato Quiche

薯片 Potato chips

防腐剂 Preservative, Preservatives

萝卜糕 Radish Cake

葡萄干 Raisins

烤类 Roasted Dishes

迷迭香 Rosemary

沙拉 Salad

海味 Seafood flavored

芝麻 Sesame Seed

刨冰 Shaved ice

姜丝 Shredded ginger

虾仁 Shrimp

鲜虾 Shrimp

小菜类 Side dishes

云南大薄片 Sliced Pork Head Skin

微辣 Slightly hot (spicy)

菠菜 Spinach

春卷 Spring Rolls

花枝 Squid Ring

清蒸 Steamed

馒头 Steamed buns

炖菜 Stew

寿司 Sushi

蕃薯 Sweet potato

地瓜叶 Sweet potato leaves

担仔面 Ta-a Mi

担仔汤面 Ta-a noodle soup

担仔干面 Ta-a noodles

担仔汤米粉 Ta-a rice noodle soup

担仔干米粉 Ta-a rice noodles

仙草冰 Taiwanese style desert

芋圆 Taro Balls

鲁蛋米粉 Tea egg with rice noodles

泰式 Thai style

吐司 Toast

土司 Toast

豆皮 Tofu Skin

豆皮海鲜卷 Tofu Skin Wrapped Fresh Seafood

松露 Truffle

大辣 Very hot (spicy)

松饼 Waffles

菱荇 Water Chestnuts

银耳 White Mushroom

田园野菇 Wild Mushroom

冬瓜糖 Winter Melon Candy

馄饨 Wonton

云味 Yunnan style


杏仁粿 Almond Cake

麦麸松糕 Bran Muffin

面包 Bread

蛋糕 Cake

可颂 Croissant

面饼 Crumpet

薄饼 Flat Bread

法式面包 French Bread

汉堡 Hamburger bun

帕里尼 Panini

咸派 Quiche

烤面包 Toast

面食 Wheat products

白面包 White bread


汉堡 Burger, Burgers, Hamburger, Hamburgers

起司汉堡 Cheeseburger

纽奥良嫩鸡堡 New Orleans Style Chicken Burger


绿咖哩牛肉 Beef green curry, Green Curry With Beef

马沙曼咖哩牛肉 Beef masaman curry, Masaman Curry With Beef

红咖哩牛肉 Beef red curry, Red Curry With Beef

绿咖哩鸡肉 Chicken green curry, Green Curry With Chicken

马沙曼咖哩鸡肉 Chicken masaman curry, Masaman Curry With Chicken

红咖哩鸡肉 Chicken red curry, Red Curry With Chicken

咖哩 Curry

咖哩类 Curry Dishes

香煎鸡腿咖哩饭 Fried leg of chicken curry rice

绿咖哩 Green Curry

绿咖哩鲜虾 Green Curry With Shrimp, Shrimp green curry

马沙曼咖哩 Masaman Curry

猪排咖哩饭 Pork Curry With Rice

红咖哩 Red Curry

红咖哩鲜虾 Red Curry With Shrimp, Shrimp red curry

黄咖哩 Yellow Curry

黄咖哩炒虾 Yellow Curry With Fried Shrimp


起士 Cheese

起司 Cheese

干酪 Cheese

乳酪 Cheese, Milk Curds

起司片 Cheese Slices, Slice Of Cheese, Sliced Cheese

优酪乳 Yoghurt

优格 Yoghurt

酸奶 Yogurt


起司蛋糕 Cheese cake

慢熟乳酪 Cheesecake

口香糖 Chewing Gum

巧克力 Chocolate

棉花糖 Cotton Candy

绵花糖 Cotton Candy

烤布蕾 Crème Brulee

甜点 Desserts

八宝冰 Eight Treasures Shaved Ice Dessert

法式甜点 French Style Desserts

漏斗蛋糕 Funnel Cake

麻糬 Japanese dessert dumpling

月饼 Moon Cake

冰棒 Popsicle

红豆冰 Red Bean Ice

太妃 Toffee


鸡蛋 Egg

荷包蛋 Fried Egg

煎蛋 Fried Egg

葱花蛋 Fried Egg With Green Onion

汉堡蛋 Hamburger (bun) with egg

滑蛋 Scrambled Egg

舒芙蕾 Souffle


什锦海鲜 Assorted Seafood

酸辣香酥鲈鱼 Crispy Hot And Sour Sea Bass

酸辣旗鱼酥 Crispy Hot And Sour Swordfish

酥炸鲷鱼芒果沙拉 Crispy Snapper And Mango Salad

柠檬鲜虾 Fresh Lemon Shrimp

金钱虾饼 Golden (Fried) Shrimp Cakes

打抛什锦海鲜 Minced Assorted Seafood

生虾 Raw Shrimp

酸枳酱鲈鱼 Sea Bass In Sour Orange Sauce

虾球 Shrimp Ball

虾饼 Shrimp Cake

月亮虾饼 Shrimp Moon Cakes

熏鲑鱼 Smoked Salmon

辣炒花枝 Spicy Fried Squid Rings

清蒸柠檬鳕鱼 Steamed Lemon Cod

蒸柠檬鲈鱼 Steamed Lemon Sea Bass

清蒸柠檬鲈鱼饭半尾 Steamed Tail Of Lemon Sea Bass

清蒸柠檬鲈鱼 Steamed lemon sea bass

泰式旗鱼酥 Thai Style Crispy Swordfish

泰式海鲜饼 Thai Style Fresh Seafood


杏果 Almond

巴萨米克 Balsamic

巴萨米克油醋酱 Balsamic Vinaigrette

黠椒 Black Pepper

凯萨酱 Caesar Salad Dressing

墨西哥西南酱 Chipotle Southwest Sauce

肉桂 Cinnamon

香菜 Corriander, Parsley

蒜泥 Garlic paste

肉泥 Gravy

榛果 Hazelnut

蜂蜜芥末酱 Honey Mustard Dressing

义大利油醋酱 Italian Style Vinaigrette

和风酱 Japanese Style Dressing

柠檬角 Lemon Wedge

蛋黄酱 Mayonnaise

美乃滋 Mayonnaise

芥末 Mustard, Wasabi

橄榄油 Olive Oil

椒麻 Paprika

花生酱 Peanut Butter

红酒醋酱 Red Wine Vinaigrette

莎莎酱 Salsa Sauce

酱料 Sauce

虾酱 Shrimp Sauce

酸枳酱 Sour Orange Sauce

酱油 Soy Sauce

奶酥 Sweet Butter

甜葱酱 Sweet Onion Sauce

糖醋 Sweet and sour sauce

千岛酱 Thousand Island Dressing

油醋 Vinaigrette

油醋酱 Vinaigrette

五印醋 Wuyin vinegar

黄芥末 Yellow Mustard


香蕉草莓 Banana-Strawberry

黑糖 Brown Sugar

焦糖 Caramel

樱桃果酱 Cherry jam

巧克力酱 Chocolate Sauce

巧克力香蕉 Chocolate-Banana

蜂蜜 Honey

果酱 Jam

糖粉 Powdered Sugar

草莓果酱 Strawberry Jam

糖浆 Syrup

香草 Vanilla


苹果 Apple

酪梨 Avocado

香蕉 Banana

牛番茄 Beefsteak Tomato, Beefsteak tomatoes

莓果 Berry

蓝莓 Blueberry

蔓越莓 Cranberry

水果 Fruit

果实 Fruit

果子 Fruit

果肉 Fruit pulp

西柚 Grapefruit

葡萄 Grapes

青木瓜 Green Papaya

芭乐 Guava

金桔 Kumquat

芒果 Mango

橄榄 Olive

柳橙 Orange

橘子 Orange

有机莓果 Organic Berries

木瓜 Papaya

百香果 Passion Fruit

桃子 Peach

凤梨 Pineapple

梅子 Plum

葡萄柚 Pomello

草莓 Strawberry

草苺 Strawberry

蕃茄 Tomato

西红柿 Tomato

番茄 Tomato

西瓜 Watermelon

整颗莓果 Whole Berries


淀粉 Starch

淀粉糊 Starch paste

馅料 Stuffing

蕃薯淀粉 Sweet potato starch


澳洲牛肉 Australian Beef

培根 Bacon

烤肉 Barbecued Meat, Kebab, Roast Meat

牛肉 Beef

黑香肠 Black Sausage

鸡肉 Chicken

鸡腿肉 Chicken Leg Meat

煎培根 Fried Bacon

炸无骨鸡排 Fried Boneless Chicken

煎火腿 Fried Ham

卡啦鸡腿 Fried breaded chicken

香鸡 Fried chicken

炸猪排 Fried pork strips

香熏鸡排 Fried smoked chicken strips

德式香肠 German Style Sausage

火腿 Ham

羊肉 Lamb, Mutton

柠檬鸡腿 Lemon Leg Of Chicken

柠檬猪排 Lemon Pork Strips

绞肉 Minced Meat

打抛猪肉 Minced Pork

慕尼黑香肠 Munich Black Sausage

椒麻鸡 Paprika Chicken

猪肉 Pork

猪肉片 Pork Cutlet

猪排 Pork Strips

焖炖牛肉 Pot roast

烤牛肉 Roast Beef

烤鸭 Roast Duck

烤肉起司蛋 Roasted meat with cheese and egg

烤肉片 Roasted slices of meat

沙爹串 Satay Skewers

香肠 Sausage

熏鸭 Smoked Duck

辣炒牛肉 Spicy Fried Beef

牛排 Steak

泰式烤牛肉 Thai Style Roast Beef

嫩鸡 Young Chicken

云味椒麻鸡 Yunnan Style Paprika Chicken


素炒河粉 Fried Noodles

方便面 Instant noodles

面条 Noodles

面条儿 Noodles

泰式炒河粉 Pad Thai Noodles

河粉 Rice Noodles


牛肉烩饭 Beef Risotto

黑米 Black Rice

鸡饭 Chicken Rice

熟饭 Cooked Rice

素炒饭 Fried Rice

炒饭 Fried Rice

柠檬鸡腿饭 Lemon Leg Of Chicken Rice

柠檬猪排饭 Lemon Pork Rice

卤肉饭 Marinated pork on rice

打抛猪肉饭 Minced Pork And Rice

凤梨炒饭 Pineapple Fried Rice

烩饭 Risotto

咸鱼饭 Salty Fish And Rice

虾仁炒饭 Shrimp Fried Rice

泰式鸡肉烩饭 Thai Style Chicken Risotto

白饭 White Rice (Cooked)

云味椒麻鸡饭 Yunnan Style Paprika Chicken And Rice


黠椒凯萨鸡肉沙拉 Black Pepper Chicken Caesar Salad

青木瓜沙拉 Green Papaya Salad

芒果沙拉 Mango Salad

凤梨虾球沙拉 Pineapple And Shrimp Ball Salad

猪肉沙拉 Pork Salad

薯泥生菜沙拉 Potato salad

凉拌皮蛋 Preserved Egg Salad

凉拌烤牛肉 Roast Beef Salad

凉拌 Salad

凉拌海鲜 Seafood Salad

凉拌生虾 Shrimp Salad

凉拌熏鲑鱼 Smoked Salmon Salad

凉拌花枝 Squid Ring Salad

泰式青木瓜沙拉 Thai Style Papaya Salad

泰北猪肉沙拉 Thai Style Pork Salad


野夫总汇 Club (As In Club Sandwich)

塔塔香鸡三明治 Fried Chicken With Tartar Sauce Sandwich

半个花生酱三明治 Half A Peanut Butter Sandwich

花生酱三明治 Peanut Butter Sandwich

南瓜田园三明治 Ploughman's Style Squash Sandwich

三明治 Sandwich

虾排蛋三明治 Shrimp And Egg Sandwich

鲔鱼起司三明治 Tuna and cheese sandwich, Tuna melt


罗宋汤 Borscht

椰奶鲜鸡汤 Coconut Milk Soup With Fresh Chicken

椰奶鲜虾汤 Coconut Milk Soup With Fresh Shrimp

蟹肉玉米浓汤 Crab Meat And Sweet Corn Chowder

玉米浓汤 Cream Of Corn Soup

酸辣鲜鸡汤 Hot And Sour Chicken Soup

酸辣海鲜汤 Hot And Sour Seafood Soup

酸辣鲜虾汤 Hot And Sour Shrimp Soup

高丽马铃薯猪骨汤 Korean Potato And Pork Bone Soup

桂花银耳莲子汤 Osmanthus White Mushroom And Lotus Seed Soup

猪骨汤 Pig Bone Soup

猪血汤 Pig's Blood Soup

姜丝鲈鱼汤 Sea Bass Soup With Shredded Ginger

海味鲜鸡汤 Seafood Flavored Chicken Soup

紫菜蛋花汤 Seaweed And Egg Soup

浓汤 Soup

汤类 Soups

汤品类 Soups

青菜蛋花汤 Vegetable And Egg Soup

南瓜浓汤 Yellow Squash Soup


洋白菜 Cabbage

虾酱高丽菜 Cabbage In Shrimp Paste

红萝卜 Carrot

龙须菜 Chayote Shoots

黄瓜 Cucumber

茄子 Eggplant

四季豆 Green Beans

虾酱四季豆 Green Beans In Shrimp Paste

绿豆 Green bean

虾酱空心菜 Greens With Shrimp Sauce Or Shrimp Paste

空心菜 Kong Xin Cai, a leafy vegetable with a hollow stem

洋葱 Onion

土豆 Potato

马铃薯 Potatoes

南瓜 Pumpkin

清炒四季豆 Quick Fried Beans

清炒高丽菜 Quick Fried Cabbage

甜玉米 Sweet Corn

地瓜 Sweet Potato

芋头 Taro

泰式高丽菜 Thai Style Cabbage

泰式龙须菜 Thai Style Chayote Shoots

泰式空心菜 Thai Style Greens

栉瓜 Zucchini


一张床 A bed

一张读书用的椅子 A chair for reading

床铺 Bed

小床 Bed, Small bed

床架 Bed frame

床头灯 Bedside lamp

撞球台 Billiard table

书架 Bookshelf

书柜 Bookshelf

椅子 Chair

沙发 Couch

书桌 Desk

桌子 Desk, Table

餐桌 Dinner table, Table

双人床 Double bed, Two person bed

折叠床 Folding bed

双人沙发 Love-seat

床垫 Mattress

褥子 Mattress

垫子 Mattress

架子 Shelf

小桌 Small table

立桌 Standing table


商朝的诸侯之一 A vassal of the Shang Court

行政区划 Administrative divisions

周人克商后 After defeating Shang 商, Zhou 周 then

晋以后 After the Jin dynasty

周王东迁后 After the King of Zhou moved east

大航海时代 Age of discovery

古代中国 Ancient China

古代中国以天干与地支的组合来纪年 Ancient China used the combination of heavenly stems and earthly branches to record the year

与商有许多的交流 And had many exchanges with Shang 商

英法联 Anglo-French alliance

发生武装冲突 Armed conflict occurred

重视学习经学 Attached great importance to the study of the classics

卑南文化 Beinan culture, a culture of the Taiwan late neolithic age

渐被世族垄断之弊 Being gradually corrupted through monopolization by the aristocracy

加强中央集权 Bolster Centralization

设电报线并远及福州 Built a telegraph line as far as Fuzhou

到了一九世纪末 By the end of the nineteenth century

受到汉人保护 Came under the protection of Han Chinese

樟脑出口 Camphor exports

树龄上千年的樟树 Camphor trees that are over a thousand years old

樟脑的重要性 Camphor's importance

樟脑的重要性才逐渐被取代 Camphor's importance was gradually supplanted

曹魏 Cao Wei

中央官学教育 Central Government Education

中央官 Central government

沈葆桢 Chen Baozhen, a Qing dynasty official

承明 Cheng Ming Hall (used as research academy during Han Dynasty)

冲突愈来愈激烈 Clashes become increasingly more violent

儒家经学 Confucian classics

孔子的主张 Confucius' main ideas

巩固帝国统治 Consolidate Imperial Rule

不断向东建立新封国 Continuing to the east, they established new Fiefdoms

被世族垄断之弊 Corrupted through monopolization by the aristocracy

购得的樟脑成本 Cost of buying camphor

购得的樟脑成本上升 Cost of buying camphor is increasing

郡下设县 Counties were set up below prefectures

栽培 Cultivate

道光 Daoguan, seventh emperor of the Qing dynasty from 1820 to 1850

大坌坑文化 Dapenkeng culture, a northern Taiwan culture of the Neolithic age

打败商 Defeated the Shang

杜甫 Du Fu (Tang Dynasty Poet)

秦孝公 Duke Xiao of Qin, A Ruler of the Qin during the Warring States period

清末光绪年间 During the Guangxu period of the late Qing Dynasty

清帝国统治时期 During the Qing Dynasty

早期的国家统治 Early era state rule

东汉 Eastern Han

东晋 Eastern Jin

东吴 Eastern Wu

东周 Eastern Zhou

汉末选官 Election of officials in the late Han dynasty

汉惠 Emperor Han Hui

康熙皇帝 Emperor Kangxi, third emperor of the Qing dynasty

建立新封国 Establish new fiefdoms

建立周朝 Established the Zhou Dynasty

中央集权的建立 Establishment of centralized authority

国家行政体系的扩大 Expansion of the National Administrative System

面对新征服的广大土地 Facing a vast 廣大 and newly conquered 征服 land

封建国家 Feudal state

早期国家的封建 Feudalism in the Early States

封国 Fiefdom

始皇帝 First Emperor

秦始皇 First Emperor of the Qin Dynasty

五代 Five Dynasties

五代十国 Five Dynasties and Ten Kindoms

从封建走向中央集权 From Feudalism to Centralism (From Distributed to Centralized Power)

商周到隋唐时期 From the Shang, Zhou, Sui and Tang dynasties

政府登记户口 Government household registration

逐渐失去对各国的影响力 Gradually losing authority over other states

汉代 Han Dynasty

历史纪录 Historic record

历史时代 Historical era

历史解释 Historical explanation

历史分期 Historical period

周发 History

科举 Imperial Examination

科举制度 Imperial Examination System

帝国统治 Imperial rule

各级贵族可以使用的物品或举办的仪式 Items or rituals that can be used by each grade of nobility

牡丹社事件 Japanese invasion of Taiwan in 1874

践土 Jiantu (Jin Wen Gong met there to pledge loyalty to the Zhou Dynasty)

嘉庆 Jiaqing, sixth emperor of the Qing dynasty from 1796 to 1820

清康熙 Kangxi, third emperor of the Qing dynasty

康熙 Kangxi, third emperor of the Qing dynasty from 1662 to 1722

商王 King Shang

周王 King Zhou

王都 King's capital

王邦 Kingdom

汉末 Late Han Dynasty

清末 Late Qing dynasty

新石器晚期代 Late neolithic age

奠定秦国富强的基础 Laying a foundation for Qin to be prosperous and Strong

李白 Li Bi (Tang Dynasty Poet)

林爽文事件 Lin Shuangwen incident

林爽文 Lin Shuangwen, Rebel against Qing dynasty rule in Taiwan

刘铭传 Liu Mingchuan, Qing dynasty governor of Taiwan

布射辽丸 Lu Bu (Skilled archer and General of the Eastern Han dynasty) and Yi Liao (a skillful juggler)

卢纶 Lu Lun, a poet of the middle Tang dynasty

维系与列国的关系 Maintain 維繫 relationships with other countries

明朝 Ming dynasty

被世族垄断 Monopolized or controlled by the aristocracy

走向中央集权 Moving towards centralized power

国家行政体系 National or State Administrative System

新石器时代 Neolithic age

新任周王 Newly appointed King of Zhou

新征服 Newly conquered

新征服的 Newly conquered

九个等第 Nine Ranks

九品官人 Nine ranks of Government Officialdom

九州 Nine states (euphemism for ancient China)

一九世纪 Nineteenth century

北朝 Northern Dynasty

北宋 Northern Song

官员多为贵族 Officials are mostly nobles or aristocrats

选拔官员管道之一 One of the channels for selecting officials

开垦荒地 Open up barren wasteland for farming

鸦片及纺织品 Opium and textiles

起源说 Origin theory

旧石器时代 Paleolithic age

被统治的人民 People not of the ruling class

日治时期 Period of Japanese occupation

在将领劝说下 Persuaded by generals

锅京 Political center of the Western Zhou dynasty

战后台湾 Post war Taiwan

干隆 Qianlong, fifth emperor of the Qing dynasty from 1735 to 1796

秦代 Qin Dynasty

秦国 Qin State

清帝国 Qing Empire

清廷的治台政策 Qing court's policy for ruling Taiwan

清代 Qing dynasty

清廷 Qing dynasty

清朝 Qing dynasty

清军 Qing dynasty soldiers

反清复明 Revolt against the Qing dynasty and restore the Ming dynasty

广内 Royal Library during Han dynasty

选拔官员 Select officials

选官 Selection of officials

选拔人才 Selection of talented individuals

商朝 Shang Dynasty

商鞅 Shang Yang, Warring States period statesman, chancellor and reformer

商周 Shang and Zhou

位于黄河流域的商 Shang, located in the Yellow River valley

十三行 Shisanhang, a culture of the Taiwan metal age

蜀汉 Shu han

顺治 Shunzhi

清法战争 Sino-French war

十六国 Sixteen Kingdoms

五胡十六国 Sixteen Kingdoms of the Five Barbarians

部分诸侯对周王不满 Some princes 諸侯 where unhappy with the King of Zhou 周王

天子 Son of Heaven (Monarchical Title)

南朝 Southern Dynasty

春秋 Spring Autumn period

隋朝 Sui Dynasty

隋唐 Sui and Tang dynasties

支持大一统国家观念 Support the concept of a unified country

茶糖樟脑 Tea, sugar, camphor

十国 Ten Kingdoms

皇帝的 The Emperor's

早期中国 The early era Chinese

早期的国家 The early era state

周人势力经过长期发展 The influence of the People of Zhou 周人 developed over a long period of time

现在的国家 The modern day state

商人与周边民族或国家的关系 The relationships between the people of Shang 商人 and neighboring nations 民族 or countries 國家

周的统治者 The ruler of Zhou

联合外族攻陷王都 They united with foreigners to capture the capital

三国 Three Kingdoms

三县 Three provinces

以血缘或婚姻的方式 Through bloodline (relations) 血緣 or marriage 婚姻

培养官吏 Training officials

从封建到中央集权的转变 Transitioned from feudalism to centralized power

联合许多国家打败商 Uniting many countries, they defeated the Shang 商

以武力为后盾 Used force of arms for backup

值得两个国家为它爆发战争 Valuable enough for two countries to go to war over it

大小不一的聚落 Various sized settlements

战国 Warring States

魏晋南北朝 Wei and Jin Southern and Northern Dynasties

西汉 Western Han

西晋 Western Jin

西周 Western Zhou

历史是什么 What is history?

皇帝的年号 Year number during an emperor's reign

伊尹 Yi Yin

殷汤 Yin Tang (or Cheng Tang) established Shang dynasty after overthrowing the despot Jie of the Xia dynasty.

秦王嬴政 Yingzhen, King of Jin, the person who became the First Emperor of the Jin Dynasty

嬴政 Yingzheng, birth name of the First Emperor of the Jin Dynasty

雍正 Yongzhen, fourth emperor of the Qing dynasty from 1722 to 1735

圆山文化 Yuanshan culture, a culture of the Taiwan late neolithic age,

乐府 Yue fu

周朝 Zhao Dynasty

赵政 Zhaozhen, alternate name of the First Emeperor of the Jin Dynasty

秦王政 Zheng, King of Jin, the person who became the First Emperor of the Jin Dynasty

周代 Zhou Dynasty

周人 Zhou people

周位居商的西方 Zhou 周 was located to the west of Shang

朱一贵 Zhu Yigui

朱一贵事件 Zhu Yigui incident


圣诞节 Christmas

耶诞节 Christmas

端午节 Dragon boat festival

劳动节 Labour day

元宵节 Lantern Festival

中秋节 Mid-autumn festival

春节 Spring festival

感恩节 Thanksgiving

清明节 Tomb-sweeping day


目中无人 Arrogant

一举两得 Gain Two Objectives With A Single Act, Kill Two Birds With One Stone

一石二鸟 Kill Two Birds With One Stone

一本万利 Large Returns From A Small Investment

一帆风顺 May The Wind Fill Your Sails, May You Have Favourable Winds, Smooth Sailing

另眼相看 See From A Different Perspective And So Treat Differently Than Usual


阿拉伯语 Arabic language

华语 Chinese

汉语 Chinese

英语 English

法语 French

日语 Japanese

国语 Mandarin

西班牙语 Spanish

台语 Taiwanese

台湾话 Taiwanese


唇音 Labial Sounds

唇齿音 Labiodental Consonants


运动动词 Action Verb

副词 Adverb

声母 Consonants

将来时 Future Tense

否定句 Negative Sentence

否定语气词 Negative Word Element

名词 Noun

过去时 Past Tense

复数 Plural

表示地点的副词 Positional Adverbs

谓语 Predicate

前置词 Preposition

现在时 Present Tense

主语 Sentence Subject

单复 Singular

主体 Subject Of A Sentence

音节 Syllable

动词 Verb

不定式的 Verb Infinitive

动词过去时 Verb Past Tense

动词的时 Verb Tenses

母音 Vowel

尾码 Word Ending

词末 Word Ending


机械挖掘 Excavator

磨床 Grinding machine


某数除以 A certain number divided by

甲除以乙 A divided by B

某数 A number

绝对值 Absolute value

绝对值符号 Absolute value symbol

加法 Addition

加减运算 Addition and subtraction

加号 Addition symbol, Plus symbol

代数式 Algebraic formula

次数为 Are of degree

正方形面积 Area of the square

四则运算 Arithmetic (addition, subtraction, multiplication and division)

等差数列 Arithmetic progression, Arithmetic sequence

升降幂排列 Arranging by ascending or descending powers

按照各项的次数 Based on each term's degree

计算并化简 Calculate and simplify

计算化简 Calculate and simplify

计算下列各根式 Calculate the following radicals

可因式分解成 Can be factored into

圆形直径 Circular diameter

圆周长 Circumference

项系数 Coefficient

公差 Common difference

全等 Congruent

常数多项式 Constant polynomial

常数项 Constant term

坐标 Coordinates

三次式 Cubic

三次多项式 Cubic polynomial

小数 Decimal place

分解式 Decomposition

分母 Denominator

直径 Diameter

差的平方公式 Difference Squared Formula

分配律乘开 Distributive multiplication

分配律 Distributive property

分为 Divide

两多项式相除 Divide two polynomials

相除 Divided

除以 Divided by

被除数 Dividend

被除式 Dividend

除法 Division

除号 Division symbol

除式 Divisor

各项的次数 Each term's degree

各项的次数高低 Each term's degree, from high to low

八倍 Eight times

等式 Equation

利用标准分解式求值 Evaluate using standard decomposition

利用分配律求值 Evaluating using the Distributive Law

利用和的平方公式求值 Evaluating using the Perfect Square Formula

倍式 Expanded form

因式 Factors

五次项系数 Fifth order (quintic) coefficient

五次项 Fifth order term

求面积 Figure out the area

小数第一位 First decimal place

小数点后第一位 First decimal place

一次项系数 First order (linear) coefficient

一次项 First order term

一次多项式 First-order polynomial

一次式乘积 First-order product

算式 Formula

四倍 Four times

四次项系数 Fourth order (quartic) coefficient

四次项 Fourth order term

分之 Fractional number

最高次项 Highest order term

升幂排列 In order of ascending powers

降幂排列 In order of descending powers

文字符号 Indeterminate, Variable

整除 Integer division

单项式 Monomial

乘法 Multiplication

乘除运算 Multiplication and division

乘法公式 Multiplication formulas

乘号 Multiplication symbol

负数 Negative number

负平方根 Negative square root

数线 Number line

大于零的数 Numbers greater than zero

运算 Operate

原点 Origin

和的平方公式 Perfect Square Formula

完全平方数 Perfect square

平方公式因式分解 Perfect square factorization

周长 Perimeter

固定周长 Perimeter with a fixed length

多项式 Polynomial, Polynomials

多项式的加法 Polynomial addition

多项式的乘法与除法 Polynomial multiplication and division

多项式的减法 Polynomial subtraction

多项式的项 Polynomial terms

正向 Positive direction

正整数 Positive integer

正数 Positive number

正平方根 Positive square root

次方 Power

次方为 Power is

乘积 Product

毕氏定理 Pythagorean Theorem

二次式 Quadratic

二次式的因式分解 Quadratic factorization

二次多项式 Quadratic polynomial, quadratic expression

商式 Quotient

商为 Quotient is

根式 Radical

根式的运算 Radical operations

化简根式 Radical simplification

等比 Ratio

余数 Remainder

余式 Remainder

余数为 Remainder is

方根 Root

根号的数 Root of a number

根号 Root symbol

概数到 Round off to

四舍五入 Rounding

小数点后第二位 Second decimal place

二次项系数 Second order (quadratic) coefficient

二次项 Second order term

二次方根 Second power root

七倍 Seven times

短除法 Short division

为正方形面积与边长的关系表 Shows the relationship between the area of a square and its side length

边长 Side length

边长为 Side length is

化简 Simplify

六倍 Six times

平方数 Square number

平方根与近似值 Square root and approximate value

平方根与毕氏定理 Square roots and the Pythagorean Theorem

平方差公式 Squared Difference Formula

减法 Subtraction

和或差的平方公式 Sum or difference squared formula

十倍 Ten times

常数项为 The constant term is

五次项系数为 The fifth order (quintic) coefficient is

一次项系数为 The first order (linear) coefficient is

四次项系数为 The fourth order (quartic) coefficient is

下面的做法 The method below

数与根式的乘积 The product of a number and a radical

正方形的面积与边长的关系 The relationship between a square's area and side length

二次项系数为 The second order (quadratic) coefficient is

哪一数的平方 The square of which number

这个多项式各项分别为 The terms of this polynomial are

三次项系数为 The third order (cubic) coefficient is

三次项系数 Third order (cubic) coefficient

三次项 Third order term

此多项式 This polynomial

这个多项式 This polynomial

此多项式的次数为 This polynomial is of degree

两个正方形 Two squares

用四舍五入法 Use rounding

利用和或差的平方公式 Using the sum squared or difference squared formula

用文字符号 Using the variable

当两多项式相除时 While dividing two polynomials

绝对值符号内 Within the absolute value symbol


一束光线 A beam of light

入射角 Angle of incidence

反射角 Angle of reflection

折射角 Angle of refraction

凹透镜 Concave lens

凹面镜 Concave mirror

凸透镜 Convex lens

凸面镜 Convex mirror

色散 Dispersion

平面镜 Flat mirror

焦距 Focal length

入射线 Incident line

反射定律 Law of reflection

透镜 Lens

实像 Real image

光以直线传播的理论 Rectilinear propagation of light theory

反射线 Reflected ray

折射 Refraction

光以直线传播 Straight line propagation of light

虚像 Virtual image


轴流泵 Axial-flow pump

轴子 Axle

轴衬 Axle bushing

挠性联轴节 Flexible coupling

轴承 Machinery bearing

刚性联轴节 Rigid coupling

联轴节 Shaft coupling

肘节 Toggle

肘接 Toggle joint

轴距 Wheelbase


手风琴 Accordion

大鼓 Big drum

锣鼓 Drum

吉他 Guitar

洋琴 Piano

钢琴 Piano

提琴 Violin


阿翰 A-han

阿浩 A-hao

艾伯拉德 Abelard

艾比盖尔 Abigail

阿达 Ada

乙太 Aether

阿华 Ahua

艾琳 Ailin

艾伯特 Albert

亚历山大 Alexander

阿力 Ali

爱莉丝 Alice

艾里斯泰 Alistair

艾伦 Allen

艾莉 Allie

安迪 Andy

安琪 Angel

安妮塔 Anita

安娜 Anna

安妮 Annie

安东 Anton

安顿 Anton

艾普索波 Apthorp

艾斯裘 Askew

阿图 Atu

亚佛加厥 Avogadro

巴贝拉 Barbara

杯面 Baymax

贝卡 Becca

贝丝 Beth

贝瑟妮 Bethany

比利 Billy

贝摩尔 Bimmel

鲍伯 Bob

鲍比 Bobby

布尔 Boer

邦德 Bond

庞德 Bond

布莱德利 Bradley

布兰德 Brand

布洛迪 Brody

布鲁克纳 Bruckner

巴克敏斯特 Buckminster

巴德 Bud

彪福 Buford

该隐 Cain

卡拉汉 Callaghan

喀尔文 Calvin

肯恩 Cam

卡森 Carson

凯西 Casey

查尔斯 Charles

夏绿蒂 Charlotte

程凭 Chengping

切斯特 Chester

许凯 Chuquet

邱吉尔 Churchill

克劳森 Clausen

柯立芝 Coleridge

哥伦布 Columbus

孔子 Confucius

库珀 Cooper

卡登 Cotton

克兰默 Cranmore

辛西雅 Cynthia

道顿 Dalton

道尔顿 Dalton

道耳顿 Dalton

丹尼尔 Daniel

丹尼 Danny

达人 Darren

达尔文 Darwin

达文西 Darwin, Davinci

大卫 David

道森 Dawson

迪恩 Deane

狄妮 Deenie

德尔文 Derwent

笛卡儿 Descartes

迪克 Dick

狄克森 Dickson, Dixon

蒂亚戈 Diego

迪克西 Dixie

道尔 Doyle

卓克斯勒 Drexler

杜瑞克 Durig

爱迪生 Edison

埃佛夏姆 Effersham

爱因斯坦 Einstein

伊莉莎白 Elizabeth

艾玛 Emma

爱皮得迷失 Epidermis

尤真 Eugene

伊芙 Eve

费莉丝蒂 Felicity

费曼 Fenyman

芬柯 Finkle

薇恩娜 Fiona

费沙伯 Fitzpatrick

弗拉纳根 Flannagan

费林 Flynn

福特 Ford

法兰西丝 Frances

法兰兹 Franz

芙蕾德莉卡 Frederika

费吉拉 Fredzilla

费里 Freeman

姓名 Full name

富勒 Fuller

盖瑞 Gared, Gary

盖瑞斯 Gareth

高斯 Gauss

乔第 Geordie

乔治 George

杰瑞 Gerry, Jerry

金妮 Ginny

哥斯拉 Godzilla

神行 Gogo

高德斯韦特 Goldthwait

巩札罗 Gonzalo

戈登 Gordon

葛索 Gotha

格林 Grimm

格林兄弟 Grimm Brothers

葛理翰 Grisham

基尔特 Guild

郭明 Guo Ming

国伟 Guowei

琯德琳 Gwendolyn

海克华斯 Hackworth

哈洛伦 Hallorann

浩南 Haonan

哈莲珍 Harlengen

哈里逊福特 Harrison Ford

哈维 Harv

哈维德 Harvard, Havid

隼人 Hayato

希斯克利夫 Heathcliff

海伦 Helen

赫本 Hepburn

大力士 Hercules

阿广 Hiro

希特勒 Hitler

哈妮 Honey

哈妮蕾梦 Honey Lemon

虎克 Hook

霍瑞斯 Horace

赫尔 Hull

哈珊 Hussain

猪四郎 Ishiro

伊万 Ivan

詹姆斯 James

珍妮 Janine, Jenny

洁西卡 Jessica

姜丙 Jianbing

家绮 Jiaqi

裘蒂 Jodie

乔韩森 Johanssen

约翰 John

强尼 Johnny

依霖 Jolin, Yilin

约瑟夫 Joseph

茱莉 Julie

朱庇特 Jupiter

卡拉 Kara, Karla

阿甘 Ken

金卡德 Kincade

金斯利 Kingsley

奇普 Kipp

格利 Krei

邝明那 Kwamina

劳瑞 Laurie, Lowrey

拉瓦节 Lavoisier

拉撒路 Lazarus

雷尼 Lennie

路易斯 Lewis

露易斯 Lewis

莱福特 Lightfoot

小丹尼 Little Danny, Young Danny

小王 Little Wang

洛伊的 Lloyd

小露 Lucy

麦金塔 Macintosh

麦克 Mack

麦肯奇 Mackenzie

马洛里 Mallory

马洛利 Mallory

曼恩 Mann

曼威 Manuel

马可士 Marcus

玛格丽特 Margaret

马克 Mark

玛莎 Martha

马丁 Martin

马提尼兹 Martinez

梅西 Massey

马祖 Matsu

麦西玛斯 Maximus

麦可罗 McGraw

麦金利 Mcginley

美佳 Meijia

玛丽莎 Melissa

莫可 Merkle

墨顿 Merton

梅佛伦 Mevolent

麦可 Mike

米勒 Miller

梦兰达 Miranda

米区 Mitch

莫兰 Moran

木兰 Mulan

墨菲 Murphy

姓氏 Name, Surname

娜塔丽娅 Natalia

尼格利 Neagley

纳非理 Nefarian

奈儿 Nell

奈洛蒂 Nellodee

诺曼 Norman

欧唐纳 O'Donnell

欧米拉 O'Meara

维尔雷特 Ouellette

帕斯卡 Pascal

派崔斯 Patrice

帕崔斯 Patrice

派翠西亚 Patricia

潘思 Pence

波西弗 Percival

彼得 Pete

彼得兔 Peter Rabbit

佩蒂 Petty

费哥 Philco

火弧离 PhyrePhox

必麒麟 Pickering

痞哥 Pidgeot, Pigeot, Scapeface

皮尔斯 Pierce

皮斯卡波 Piscapo

普莱森 Pleasant

毕达哥拉斯 Pythagoras

昆图斯 Quintus

兰蒂 Randi

乐佩 Rapunzel

李奇 Reacher

瑞贝卡 Rebecca

雷氏 Reese

理查德 Richard

理查 Richard

瑞克 Rick

林哥 Ringo

利文顿 Rivington

劳勃 Robert

罗宾森 Robinson

罗德里格斯 Rodriguez

洛克 Rog

罗米利 Romilly

朗森 Ronson

罗森布拉特 Rosenblatt

罗伊斯 Royce

鲁道夫 Rudolph

伦西波 Runcible

露丝 Ruth

莱恩 Ryan

雷德 Ryder

佐久间 Sakuma

佐久间左马太 Sakuma Samata

山姆 Sam

左马太 Samata

山缪 Samuel

桑切斯 Sanchez

珊卓 Sandra

芹泽 Serizawa

佘蟠 Serpine

赛菲茵 Severine

萨芙琳 Severine

莎士比亚 Shakespeare

席尔瓦 Silva

辛普森 Simpson

辛克 Singh

诳侠 Skulduggery

史塔宾顿 Stabbington

小史 Stan

史丹利 Stanley

史蒂方诺 Stefano

斯坦兹 Stenz

史坦兹 Stenz

史提夫 Steve

史蒂文斯 Stevens

史温 Swan

泰德 Tad

阿正 Tadashi

明石 Takashi

唐妮丝 Tanith

泰纳 Tanner

塔斯 Tars

铁弗龙 Teflon

泰勒 Teller

火箭女郎舞蹈团 The Rockettes

休瑞 Thurid

蒂芬妮 Tiffany

蒂芬妮舒 Tiffany Sue

蛋葆 Tomago

汤米 Tommy

东尼 Tony

托波 Topal

托比 Toppy

托伦斯 Torrance

崔佛 Trevor

华尔姬莉 Valkyrie

瓦雷利亚 Valyria

凡得瓦尔 Van der Waals

范多佛 Vandover

沃利恩 Vaurien

梵桀思 Vengeous, Vincent

伟大力 Vitali

华特 Walther

瓦特尼 Watney

威利 Weili

威玛 Weimar

薇真 Weizhen

温蒂 Wendy

威斯特 Wester

惠特劳 Whitlaw

威廉 William

伟立 William

温妮费德 Winifred

伍迪 Woody

华滋华斯 Wordsworth

小富 Xiao fu

小慧 Xiao hui

晓华 Xiaohua

小新 Xiaoxin

亚尔丹 Yardem

裕凯 Yukai

曾子 Zengzi

志伟 Zhiwei


阿布哈兹 Abkhazia

阿富汗 Afghanistan

美属萨摩亚 American Samoa (U.S.)

安道尔 Andorra

安哥拉 Angola

安提瓜和巴布达 Antigua And Barbuda

阿根廷 Argentina

亚美尼亚 Armenia

阿鲁巴 Aruba (Netherlands)

澳洲 Australia

澳大利亚 Australia

奥地利 Austria

阿塞拜疆 Azerbaijan

巴林 Bahrain

孟加拉国 Bangladesh

巴巴多斯 Barbados

白俄罗斯 Belarus

比利时 Belgium

伯利兹 Belize

贝宁 Benin

百慕大 Bermuda (Uk)

不丹 Bhutan

玻利维亚 Bolivia

波斯尼亚和黑塞哥维那 Bosnia And Herzegovina

博茨瓦纳 Botswana

巴西 Brazil

文莱 Brunei

保加利亚 Bulgaria

布基纳法索 Burkina Faso

布隆迪 Burundi

柬埔寨 Cambodia

喀麦隆 Cameroon

加拿大 Canada

佛得角 Cape Verde

开曼群岛 Cayman Islands (Uk)

中非共和国 Central African Republic

乍得 Chad

智利 Chile

华夏 China

中国 China

哥伦比亚 Colombia

科摩罗 Comoros

哥斯达黎加 Costa Rica

克罗地亚 Croatia

古巴 Cuba

库拉索岛 Curaçao (Netherlands)

捷克共和国 Czech Republic

刚果民主共和国 Democratic Republic Of The Congo

丹麦 Denmark

吉布提 Djibouti

多米尼加 Dominica

多明尼加共和国 Dominican Republic

东帝汶 East Timor

厄瓜多尔 Ecuador

埃及 Egypt

萨尔瓦多 El Salvador

英国 England

赤道几内亚 Equatorial Guinea

爱沙尼亚 Estonia

法罗群岛 Faroe Islands (Denmark)

密克罗尼西亚联邦 Federated States Of Micronesia

芬兰 Finland

法国 France

法属波利尼西亚 French Polynesia (France)

加蓬 Gabon

格鲁吉亚 Georgia

德国 Germany

加纳 Ghana

大英帝国 Great British Empire

希腊 Greece

格陵兰 Greenland (Denmark)

格林纳达 Grenada

关岛 Guam (U.S.)

危地马拉 Guatemala

根西岛 Guernsey (Uk)

几内亚 Guinea

几内亚比索 Guinea-Bissau

圭亚那 Guyana

海地 Haiti

荷兰 Holland, Netherlands

洪都拉斯 Honduras

匈牙利 Hungary

冰岛 Iceland

印度 India

伊朗 Iran

爱尔兰 Ireland

马恩岛 Isle Of Man (Uk)

以色列 Israel

意大利 Italy

义大利 Italy

象牙海岸 Ivory Coast

牙买加 Jamaica

日本 Japan

泽西岛 Jersey (Uk)

约旦 Jordan

哈萨克斯坦 Kazakhstan

肯尼亚 Kenya

基里巴斯 Kiribati

韩国 Korea

科索沃 Kosovo

科威特 Kuwait

老挝 Laos

黎巴嫩 Lebanon

莱索托 Lesotho

利比里亚 Liberia

利比亚 Libya

列支敦士登 Liechtenstein

立陶宛 Lithuania

卢森堡 Luxembourg

马拉维 Malawi

马来西亚 Malaysia

马尔代夫 Maldives

马里 Mali

马耳他 Malta

马绍尔群岛 Marshall Islands

毛里塔尼亚 Mauritania

毛里求斯 Mauritius

墨西哥 Mexico

摩尔多瓦 Moldova

摩纳哥 Monaco

蒙古 Mongolia

黑山 Montenegro

摩洛哥 Morocco

莫桑比克 Mozambique

缅甸 Myanmar

纳米比亚 Namibia

尼泊尔 Nepal

新喀里多尼亚 New Caledonia (France)

新西兰 New Zealand

尼加拉瓜 Nicaragua

尼日尔 Niger

尼日利亚 Nigeria

北朝鲜 North Korea

北马其顿 North Macedonia

北塞浦路斯 Northern Cyprus

北爱尔兰 Northern Ireland

北马里亚纳群岛 Northern Mariana Islands (U.S.)

挪威 Norway

阿曼 Oman

巴基斯坦 Pakistan

巴勒斯坦 Palestine

巴拿马 Panama

巴布亚新几内亚 Papua New Guinea

巴拉圭 Paraguay

秘鲁 Peru

菲律宾 Phillipines

波兰 Poland

波多黎各 Puerto Rico (U.S.)

卡塔尔 Qatar

刚果共和国 Republic Of The Congo

中华民国 Republic of China

俄罗斯 Russia

卢旺达 Rwanda

圣基茨和尼维斯 Saint Kitts And Nevis

圣卢西亚 Saint Lucia

圣文森特和格林纳丁斯 Saint Vincent And The Grenadines

萨摩亚 Samoa

沙特阿拉伯 Saudi Arabia

苏格兰 Scotland

塞内加尔 Senegal

塞舌尔 Seychelles

塞拉利昂 Sierra Leone

新加坡 Singapore

圣马丁 Sint Maarten (Netherlands)

斯洛伐克 Slovakia

所罗门群岛 Solomon Islands

索马里 Somalia

南非 South Africa

南奥塞梯 South Ossetia

南苏丹 South Sudan

受苏联 Soviet union

西班牙 Spain

斯里兰卡 Sri Lanka

苏丹 Sudan

苏里南 Suriname

瑞典 Sweden

瑞士 Switzerland

叙利亚 Syria

圣多美和普林西比 São Tomé And Príncipe

塔吉克斯坦 Tajikistan

坦桑尼亚 Tanzania

泰国 Thailand

冈比亚 The Gambia

多哥 Togo

汤加 Tonga

特立尼达和多巴哥 Trinidad And Tobago

突尼斯 Tunisia

土耳其 Turkey

土库曼斯坦 Turkmenistan

特克斯和凯科斯群岛 Turks And Caicos Islands (Uk)

乌干达 Uganda

乌克兰 Ukraine

美国 United States Of America

美属维尔京群岛 United States Virgin Islands (U.S.)

乌拉圭 Uruguay

瓦努阿图 Vanuatu

委内瑞拉 Venezuela

越南 Vietnam

西撒哈拉 Western Sahara

也门 Yemen

叶门 Yemen

赞比亚 Zambia

津巴布韦 Zimbabwe


非洲人 African

阿拉伯 Arabic

荷兰人 Dutch

希伯来人 Hebrew race

印度人 Indian

巴基斯坦人 Pakistani


一千三百 1300, One Thousand Three Hundred, Thirteen Hundred

二十四 24, Twenty-Four

十亿 One billion

百万 One million

一万亿 One trillion

十万个 One-hundred thousand

六十 Sixty

三十二 Thirty-two

万亿 Trillion

二十亿 Two billion


百分之八十五 Eighty-five percent

百分之二十一 Twenty-one percent


演员 Actor

电影演员 Actor, Actress, Movie Actor, Movie actress

女演员 Actress

探员 Agent, Secret Service Agent

考古学家 Archeologist

建筑师 Architect

文物艺作 Artisan

艺术家 Artist

画家 Artist, Painter

刺客 Assassin

核工程师 Atomic Engineer

作者 Author, Writer

银行家 Banker

男士理发 Barber, Men's hairdresser

理事长 Board chairman

掌柜 Boss, Manager, Shop keeper

植物学家 Botanist

官僚 Bureaucrat

漫画家 Cartoonist

最高上司 Chairman

主席 Chairman

主委 Chairman

厨师 Chef

儿童心理学家 Child Psychologist

教练 Coach, Instructor

专栏作家 Columnist

电子技术人员 Computer Technician, Electronics Technician

设计师 Designer

外交官 Diplomat

医生 Doctor

驾驶员 Driver, Pilot

职务 Duty

工程师 Engineer

农夫 Farmer

农民 Farmer

权威时尚专栏家 Fashion columnist

时尚专栏家 Fashion columnist

消防员 Fire Fighter

捕鱼为业 Fisherman

卦姑 Fortune teller

地理工程师 Geo-engineer, Geotech, Geotechnician

总督 Governor, Magistrate

妇科医师 Gynecologist

美发师 Hairdresser

导师 Instructor, Teacher

职责 Job

陆军中校 Lieutenant colonel

牙婆 Madam

虔婆 Madam

女佣 Maid

女仆 Maid

管理师 Manager

数学家 Mathematician

机械师 Mechanic

机械工程师 Mechanical Engineer

医护人员 Medical Staff

商家 Merchant

稳婆 Midwife

护士 Nurse

官员 Official

厅房女仆 Parlormaid

医师 Physician, Surgeon

物理学家 Physicist

飞行员 Pilot

机师 Pilot

警察巡官 Police Inspector

警察 Police officer

员警 Policeman

鬼驱人 Poltergeist

私家侦探 Private Detective

职业 Profession

教授 Professor

赞助者 Promoter

精神病医师 Psychiatrist

心理学家 Psychologist

接待人员 Receptionist

研究员 Research Staff, Researcher(S)

研究助理 Research assistant

科学家 Scientist

学家 Scientist

仆役 Servant

学生 Student

外科医师 Surgeon

停职 Suspended from work

老师 Teacher

团队负责 Team leader

恐怖分子 Terrorist

文学家 Writer

瑜伽老师 Yoga Teacher


哔哔声 Beep Beep

喀哒声 Click

嘟嘟声 Du Du

咻咻声 Hissing

喀喀声 Ka Ka

窸窣声 Rustling

呼呼声 Whooshing


县市 City, County


阿格拉 Agra (India)

奥巴尼 Albany

阿里山 Ali Shan (mountain)

安乐区 Anle district

安尼斯顿 Anniston

安平 Anping

阿雷西波 Arecibo

八里 Bali

八里坌 Baliben

班克顿 Bankerton

八瑶 Bayao

比佛利山庄 Beverly Hills

广东 Canton

车城 Checheng

车城乡 Checheng

康威 Conway

大稻埕 Dadaocheng

打狗 Dagou

淡水 Danshui

德里 Delhi

东埔 Dongpu

二沙湾 Ershawan

弗雷泽 Frazier

佛莱柏格 Fryeberg

恒春古城 Hengchun castle town

恒春半岛 Hengchun peninsula

恒春镇 Hengchun town

赫里福 Hereford

好莱坞 Hollywood

花东 Huadong

内蒙古 Inner Mongolia

金吉拉镇 Janjira City

吉卡里拉 Jicarilla

集集镇 Jiji township

鸡笼 Jilong

金吉拉 Jinjira

九龙 Kowloon

昆池 Kun Lake

鹿耳门 Luermen, modern day Anping

鹿港 Lugang

满州乡 Manzhou

玛莎葡萄园岛 Martha's Vineyard

梅里马克 Merrimack

苗栗 Miaoli

牡丹乡 Mudan township

南投 Nantou

新舟山 New Chusan

新帕尔茨 New Paltz

纽伯里波特 Newbury Port

兰屿 Orchid island

牛津 Oxford

澎湖 Penghu

浦东 Pudong

波多黎哥 Puerto Rico

里奇兰 Richland

赛伦 Salem

社寮 Sheliao

石门 Shimen

石门村 Shimen village

狮球岭 Shiqiuling

西西里 Sicili

塞威 Sidewinder

四重溪 Sizhong river

南极 South Pole

南门 South gate

史坦福 Stanford

斯特布里奇 Sturbridge

桑纳琵 Sunapee

千岛 Thousand Islands

时代广场 Times Square

尤蒂卡 Utica

海湾一 Waikiki

威斯顿 Weston

威明顿 Wilmington

梧栖 Wuqi

梧栖港 Wuqi port

信义乡 Xinyi township

中正区 Zhongzheng district


北京 Beijing

波士顿 Boston

布鲁塞尔 Brussels

布达佩斯 Budapest

彰化 Changhua

嘉义市 Chiayi (or Jia Yi)

芝加哥 Chicago

底特律 Detroit

都柏林 Dublin

香港 Hong Kong

休士顿 Houston

新竹市 Hsinchu City (Or Xin Zhu)

爱荷华市 Iowa City

伊斯坦堡 Istanbul

坎萨斯市 Kansas City

高雄 Kaohsiung

高雄市 Kaohsiung (Or Gao Xiong) City

基隆 Keelung

西礁 Key West

拉斯维加斯 Las Vegas

伦敦 London

洛杉矶 Los Angeles

曼哈顿 Manhattan

明尼亚波里 Minneapolis

莫斯科 Moscow

慕尼 Munich

新德里 New Delhi

纽奥良 New Orleans

纽约 New York

波特兰市 Portland

旧金山 San Francisco

西雅图 Seattle

上海 Shanghai

苏城 Sioux city

台中市 Taichung City

台南市 Tainan City

台北市 Taipei

台北 Taipei

台中 Taizhong

坦帕 Tampa

桃园市 Taoyuan City

东京 Tokyo

温哥华 Vancouver

凡尔赛 Versailles

新竹 Xinzhu


彰化县 Changhua County

嘉义县 Chiayi County

新竹县 Hsinchu County

花莲县 Hualien County

金门县 Kinmen County

苗栗县 Miaoli County

南投县 Nantou County

澎湖县 Penghu County

屏东县 Pingtun County

台东县 Taitung County

桃园县 Taoyuan County

宜兰县 Yilan County

云林县 Yunlin county


印度斯坦 Hindustani

旧京山 San Fransokyo


凤山 Fengshan, former province of Taiwan

福建省 Fujian, province in China

福州 Fuzhou

广东省 Guangdong, province in China

广州 Guangzhou

江苏省 JiangSu, province in China

满州 Manchuria

云南 Yunnan province

浙江省 Zhejiang, province in China

诸罗县 Zhuluo, former province in Taiwan

诸罗 Zhuluo, former province of Taiwan


加州 California

佛罗里达 Florida

乔治工州 Georgia

乔治亚州 Georgia

夏威夷 Hawaii

爱荷华州 Iowa State

爱州 Iowa State

缅因 Maine

明尼苏达 Minnesota

蒙大拿州 Montana

新罕布夏 New Hampshire

北明尼苏达 Northern Minnesota

南达克塔州 South Dakota

南加州 Southern California

德州 Texas


一排杜鹃 A row of rhododendrons

洋槐 Acacia, Locust Tree

百花 All sorts of flowers

孤挺花 Amaryllis

紫苑 Aster

黄杨木 Boxwood

葫芦 Calabash

樟树 Camphor tree

洋菊 Chrysanthemum, Dahlia, Daisy

农作物 Crops

蒲公英 Dandelion

黄金葛 Devil's Ivy, Epipremnum Aureum, Money Plant, Taro Vine

浮萍 Duckweed

花儿 Flower(s)

狗尾草 Foxtail

栀子花 Gardenia

洋绣球 Hydrangea

枫树 Maple tree

谷子 Millet

金针花 Orange Day-Lily

桂花 Osmanthus

梅花 Plum blossom

梅树 Plum tree

杜鹃 Rhododendron

稻苗 Rice Seedlings

树苗 Sapling

发芽 Sprout

向日葵 Sunflower

树林 Trees

田字草 Water Clover

杂草 Weed

肉蕈 White Mushrooms

黄花 Yellow flower


国家地理杂志 National Geographic


夹注号 Brackets

括号 Brackets

冒号 Colon

顿号 Comma

逗号 Comma

删节号 Ellipsis

惊叹号 Exclamation Mark

句号 Period

标点符号 Punctuation Marks

问号 Question Mark

引号 Quotation Marks

连接号 Tilde


圆圈 Circle

圈圈 Circle

心形 Heart shaped

长方形 Rectangle

圆形 Round

正方形 Square

三角形 Triangle

楔形 Wedge shape


机器人先生 Mr Roboto


空气动力学 Aerodynamics

农业工程 Agricultural engineering

天文学 Astronomy

植物学 Botany

化学 Chemistry

模控学 Cybernetics

动力学 Dynamics

工程 Engineering

理工 Engineering, Science and technology

英国文学 English Literature

人文 Humanities

资讯科学 Information science

文学 Literature

数学 Math

冶金术 Metallurgy

物理学 Physics

社会学科 Social Studies

静力学 Statics

构造学 Structural Science, Tectonics

系统设计工程 Systems Design Engineering

大地构造学 Tectonics

动物学 Zoology

Ten Heavenly Stems

甲乙丙丁戊己庚辛壬癸 First, second, third, fourth, fifth, sixth, seventh, eighth, ninth, tenth


秋天 Autumn (days)

黑暗 Dark

早一点 Earlier

八点 Eight O'Clock

夜晚 Evening, Night time

五点 Five O'Clock

半夜四点 Four in the morning

早上 Morning

黑夜 Night

九点 Nine O'Clock

九点半 Nine thirty

七点 Seven O'Clock

六点 Six O'Clock

十点 Ten O'Clock

十点半 Ten thirty

三点 Three O'Clock

十二点四十 Twelve forty

二点 Two O'Clock


星期五 Friday

金曜日 Friday

上礼拜五 Last Friday

星期一 Monday

月曜日 Monday

星期六 Saturday

土曜日 Saturday

星期天 Sunday

日曜日 Sunday

星期四 Thursday

木曜日 Thursday

星期二 Tuesday

火曜日 Tuesday

星期三 Wednesday

水曜日 Wednesday


几个星期 A few weeks

整整一周 A whole week

短短一周 In as little as a week

上星期 Last week

上礼拜 Last week

上个星期 Last week

上周 Last week

可能要花上几个星期 May take a few weeks

一周 One week

这礼拜 This week

两星期 Two weeks

两个星期 Two weeks

两个星期前 Two weeks ago

一直到周末 Up to the weekend

礼拜 Week

星期 Week

周末 Weekend

数星期前 Weeks ago

数星期后 Weeks later


二十四个月 24 months

几个月 A few months

一整个月 A whole month

一连几个月 For a few months

再过一个月 Just over a month

一个月 One month

在过去三个月 Over the last three months

三个月 Three months

二个月 Two months

两个月 Two months


四月 April

八月 August

十二月 December

二月 February

一月 January

七月 July

六月 June

三月 March

五月 May

十一月 November

十月 October

九月 September


每天 Daily

每小时 Each hour (as in mph or kph)

每个月 Each month

每一分秒 Each second

每次 Each time

每晚 Every evening

每晚都 Every evening

每天晚上 Every evening

每周 Every week

每年 Every year

平日 Normally

这一天 This day

今天晚上 This evening, Tonight

今早 This morning

今天早上 This morning

今朝 This morning

哪一天 What day?


一个月后 A month later

下月中旬 Middle of next month

下个月 Next month

下期 Next period

下周 Next week

下星期 Next week

明年 Next year

三个月后 Three months later

三个月前 Three months prior


前的三个月左右 About three months before

前天 Day before yesterday

上个月 Last month

昨晚 Last night, Yesterday evening

去年 Last year

昨天 Yesterday


秋季 Autumn, Fall

春季 Spring

夏季 Summer

暑天 Summer

暑假 Summer vacation

冬季 Winter


秋分 Autumnal Equinox

惊蛰 Awakening Insects

立秋 Beginning Of Autumn

立春 Beginning Of Spring

立夏 Beginning Of Summer

立冬 Beginning Of Winter

大寒 Big Cold

大暑 Big Or Great Heat

大雪 Big Snow

清明 Clear Bright Skies

寒露 Cold Dew

雨水 Feb 19 To Mar 6, Rain Water, Snow Turns To Rain

霜降 Frost Descends

芒种 Grain In Ear Or Seed Millet

处暑 Heat Begins To Lessen

小满 Little Creatures Plenish Or Grain Fills

小暑 Little Heat

小雪 Little Or Slight Snow

小寒 Little Or Slightly Cold

夏至 Summer Solstice

春分 Vernal Equinox

谷雨 Wheat Rain

白露 White Dew Sept 8 To Sept 23

冬至 Winter Solstice


早晚 Sooner or later

早晚的 Sooner or later


锉刀 File

螺丝刀 Screwdriver

螺丝起子 Screwdriver

套筒扳手 Socket wrench

扭力扳手 Torque wrench

螺丝钳 Wrench

扳手 Wrench


桑德 Thunder


厘米 Centimeter

公分 Centimeter

公丈 Decameter

公寸 Decimeter

英吋 Inch

千米 Kilometre

公尺 Meter

米远 Meter (unit of distance)

微米 Micron

毫米 Millimeter

毫微米 Nanometer

台尺 Taiwan foot


公毫 Centigram

道尔顿 Dalton

公钱 Decagram

公克 Gram

公两 Hectogram

公斤 Kilogram

公丝 Milligram


公勺 Centiliter

立方公里 Cubic kilometer

公斗 Decaliter

市斗 Decaliter

公合 Deciliter

公石 Hectoliter

市石 Hectoliter

公秉 Kiloliter

市升 Liter

公升 Litre

公撮 Milliliter

毫升 Milliliter


客机 Airliner

飞机 Airplane

飞船 Airship, Spaceship

自行车 Bicycle, Bike

脚踏车 Bicycle

船只 Boat, Ship

班车 Bus

快速帆船 Clipper, Fast sail boat

敞篷车 Convertible

登陆艇 Descent vehicle, Landing craft

柴油 Diesel

引擎盖 Engine cowling

飞行器 Flyer

摩托 Motorcycle

机车 Motorcycle

摩托车 Motorcycle, Scooter

舰船 Naval vessels, Warships

踩下煞车 Put on the brakes

救上直升机 Rescue helicopter

俄军核潜艇 Russian Nuclear submarine

帆船 Sail boat

轿车 Sedan

轮船 Ship

飞艇 Shuttle

跑车 Sports car

蒸汽机 Steam engine

双引擎 Twin engined


宾利 Bentley

雪佛兰 Chevrolet

雪铁龙 Citroen

柯维特 Corvette

地球巡洋舰 EarthCruiser

宾士 Mercedes Benz

朋驰轿车 Mercedez-Benz

从庞帝克 Pontiac

劳斯莱斯 Rolls Royce

萨博本 Suburban

雷鸟 Thunderbird

丰田 Toyota

维拉尼奥 Veraneio

福斯金龟车 Volkswagon Beatle

富豪 Volvo


空气滤清器 Air filter

机翼 Airplane wing

踩下煞车 Apply the brakes

陪林 Bearing

煞车 Brake

卡钳 Brake callipers

煞车灯 Brake light

煞车油管 Brake line

煞车皮 Brake pad

煞车碟盘 Brake rotor

刹车 Brake(s)

汽门挺杆 Cam shaft

车子 Car

车辆 Car

化油器 Carburetor

车架 Chassis, Vehicle frame

离合器 Clutch

离合器线 Clutch cable

离合器片 Clutch plate

曲轴柄 Connecting rod

曲轴 Crank shaft

汽缸 Cylinder

圆筒 Cylinder

汽缸头 Cylinder head

鼓煞 Drum brakes

马达 Engine, Motor

引擎 Engine

引擎外盖 Engine case

机油 Engine oil

排气管 Exhaust pipe

轮缘 Flange

汽油表 Fuel gauge

油管 Fuel line

油箱开关 Fuel switch, Pet cock

油箱 Fuel tank

燃料箱 Fuel tank

油箱盖 Gas cap

垫片 Gasket

衬垫 Gasket

车把手 Handle bars

主车架 Kickstand

侧驻 Kickstand

拉杆 Levers

车牌 License plate

总泵 Master cylinder

灭音器 Muffler

空档灯 Neutral light

滤油器 Oil filter

油灯 Oil lamp

机油泵 Oil pump

油封 Oil seal

车灯 Vehicle light


宝瓶 Aquarius

宝瓶座 Aquarius

白羊 Aries

白羊座 Aries

巨蟹 Cancer

巨蟹座 Cancer

磨蝎 Capricorn

磨羯 Capricorn

磨羯座 Capricorn

双子 Gemini

双子座 Gemini

狮子 Leo

天秤 Libra

天秤座 Libra

双鱼 Pisces

双鱼座 Pisces

射手 Sagittarius

射手座 Sagittarius

天蝎 Scorpio

天蝎座 Scorpio

金牛 Taurus

金牛座 Taurus

处女 Virgo

处女座 Virgo

Character shape index

This shape index sorts characters into 12 main shape groups (below). These in turn include shapes which are the top-most or left-most (or outermost) element of the character in question. Use the shape to fine tune your search for a particular character. (Here's some examples.)


^ 凵 shapes

^ 𠄌 shapes

Using the character shape index

To find 肠 :
We can look at the left most shape 月 which in turn is under the 冂 shape group. Because this shape includes a large group of characters we can refine our search. The second part of 肠 has a 乛 at the top which is under the 𠃌 sub-grouping within the 月 shape.

𠃌: 胫 腱 <<
丿: 胳 胸 胞 脆 腹 胜
丶: 脑...

Note, for subgroups with a t the groups are based on the top part of the second element (and if a character has three obvious parts, then it is the top part of the second element).

Note, for subgroups with a b the groups are based on the bottom part of the last element.

To find 威:
We can see that it has a 丶 shape at the top. And so we look under the 丶 shape group. Looking at the 弋 shape, there are a number of variations grouped together, i.e.:
弋: 式
戈: 戈 戎 戒 划
或: 或 惑
: 或 惑...
戊: 戌

To find 置:
We can look at the top most shape 罒 which is under the 口 group. Looking under the 罒 shape, characters are subdivided into smaller groups, each with a b meaning these are grouped by the final element of the last part of the character. And so since the bottom of 置 has an 一 we lookup under the 一 sub-group and so we see it immediately after 罪 (罪 is grouped under the 一 subgroup for the last of the three horizontals on the right bottom.)

Return to Shape index above.

Word Lookup

On each character page, words are sorted into groups based on character pairs, with the current character either the first character or the last in the pair. So for example, the phrase 速度快得像是粪便通过鹅肠一样 can be found under the character 肠 (as well as under any other character it contains.) Looking at the Word TOC for 肠, this phrase is listed under the character pair 鹅腸. If the database didn't include the word 鹅腸, then it would have been listed under 肠一 (since the sorting algorithm tends to prefer listing the current page's character first).

These character pairs may or may not be words in their own right. The reason for using them is to group words with the same character combinations together.

In terms of navigation, some links are to parts of the same page. Others links are to different pages. Links to the same page have the same background as the rest of the page. Links to different pages are generally in boxes with a white background. And so for example, on a character page, the shape and character selection boxes all have a white background while the Word TOC, which links to word groupings on the same page, does not have a white background.

About Category Navigation

Words and phrases in any of the category boxes (including the Latest category) include the meaning of the word but not the pronunciation. If you click on the word link, you'll be taken to the word page where you can see its pronunciation. Near the top of the page you'll see a link back to the category section. This will return you to the word within the category section, with the link for the word page just visited highlighted. This ideally makes it easy for you to go through the words in each category in turn. However, if you wish to avoid returning to the home page, there is also a next link on the word page that takes you to the next word within the category. (Words in each category are sorted alphabetically by their definition.)

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