Riding the Wave of Time

Understanding Consciousness


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In anything that we do we can apply "being conscious" so that we can do what we are doing with ease. Better yet we can enjoy what we are doing, we can become present and enter the flow.

Understanding Consciousness defines consciousness or acts of consciousness to make it easier for ourselves to practice being conscious. It models consciousness as something that can expand across time or across space (we can think of this as left brain and right brain functioning) but because it is limited, well, the more we expand in one dimension the less consciousness we have in the other.

What does that mean? To be more conscious while doing we can focus on using our senses and responding to what we sense. We then become present in the act of what we are doing. To be more conscious while thinking we can focus on what we are thinking about. To be extra conscious while thinking we can focus on looking for the way to do things rather than the reasons to stop.

As well as helping us understand what consciousness is it also contains principles for being more conscious. These are "common sense" principles that can be applied in any aspect of life. They can help us do what we are doing with greater ease, effectiveness and efficiency.

I just said one principle above, "Look for the way to flow."

This can be as simple as believing there is a way to make what we want to happen. It can also be as simple as choosing to focus on the things that we love as opposed to the things that drive us around the bend..

These principles can help us learn, lead, teach and work together efficiently and effectively. They can help us create art, meaning, beauty and enter a state of being that is beyond time and space.

They can help us to ride the wave of time and flow.

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