Yin and Yang-Sensing Energy and Controlling It

Yin and Yang are relative terms that can be used to describe how one thing compares or relates to another, or to describe different aspects of the same thing. Understanding yin and yang we can create balance in what we are creating or doing. We can also use yin and yang “analysis” as a way of understanding what we are doing so that we can then create balance.

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Transmitting Change

In computer systems, wires can be used to deliver electricity from one place to another.

Within our body Meridians serve that purpose, helping to transmit change from one part of ourselves to another.

Where connection allows change to happen, disconnection prevents it.

The connective tissue of our body comprises a network that connects bones, muscle and organs, all interlinked in our body’s version of a world wide web. It also houses energy channels called meridians much the same way phone lines and cable lines connect and contain the parts of the internet.

Rather than just transmitting change in the form of electricity (or bio-electricity or qi) this network also transmits change via tension. That tension is applied and released by our bodies’ skeletal muscle.

By learning to sense and control whether our muscles are active or relaxed, by learning to feel the weight of our bones and position them with respect to the forces acting on themm, we can control and vary the tension in our body and thus effect the state of the meridians. We can sense change and create it, at the same time directing the flow of energy within ourselves via the connective tissue of our body and the meridians within those tissues.

Yin and Yang- Sensing Energy and Controlling it

If we think of energy, change or information as equivalents, different forms of each other, we can use the terms “Yin” and “Yang” to denote the direction that change is flowing in relative to ourselves.

We can also use Yin and Yang to refer to the flow of change relative to something outside of ourselves.

If we think of energy in the guise of information as something that we can sense and something that we can respond to, we can also use the term Yin to refer to sensing the flow of energy into ourselves and the term Yang to denote controlling or directing the flow of energy out of ourselves.

Using our senses we take note of the energy or information moving within ourselves or beyond ourselves. We can then shape the energy we send out in response.

Sensing is yin while controlling or responding is yang. Both of them together allow us to handle change or shape it.

Whether energy is moving from outside of ourselves to inside of ourselves, or whether it is moving from one place to another within ourselves, if we sense this flow then that sensing ability can be defined as Yin. Our response is Yang.

One interesting thing to note, the better we sense the energy we send out, the better we can fine tune the energy we continue to send out based on what we are trying to do. The better we direct the way we use our senses the more we can choose the information we take in so that it is relevant to what we are trying to do.

Thus while we can think of sensing as mostly yin, we can direct the way we use our senses which is Yang. And while we can think of controlling or responding as mostly Yang, we can sense the way that we respond which is Yin.

Having a Clear Idea

In each case, the thing that ties together Yin and Yang, helps them to work together is that of having a clear idea of what we are trying to do.

Having a clear idea of what we are trying to do we can direct  the way we use our senses And we can then Sense the way we respond based on that clear idea.

  • Inwards, sensing in Yin.
  • Outwards, controlling is Yang.
  • Energy, information or change is what we sense and control.

If we don’t have a clear idea of what we are trying to do then we can practice having a clear idea.
We can also practice sensing the parts of our body and controlling the relationships between them.

A clear idea is what we use to direct the way we use our senses and control what we do. Having a clear idea of what we are trying to do is what ties together and directs our ability to sense our body and control it so that we can create change and handle it. Having a clear idea we can unify yin and yang.

Understanding what we are trying to do we can use our senses and respond to what we sense based on the idea of what we are trying to do. The better we can use our senses and the better we can control our responses the better we can handle change and the better we can create it.

We can Dance in the Sea of Change.

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