It’s Too Difficult

A lady asked me how I learned to mix tai ji and yoga together in my morning practice. I explained how I mainly learned them by myself using books or videos.

I didn’t mention going to teachers because for the most part I got to the stage I am at through self study.

She said that it was too difficult.

I felt my ire riseā€¦ or perhaps it was my passion.

I told her that if something is too difficult then to break it down into smaller pieces that aren’t difficult. As an example, to learn yoga, focus on one pose at a time, maybe even one a day. Learn it, feel it, practice it and each day learn a new pose. Likewise with tai ji, whether from a book, dvd or teacher, if you break it down into small bits that aren’t difficult then you can learn them and learn them well.

Of course if you are really hell bent on making things difficult then you can say that the process of breaking things down is difficult. And yes it is.

So a simple guideline is to break things down into sensible elements.

That means into pieces that you can easily describe and can feel, sense or see. There may be and often is more than one way to simplify and so you will have to make choices.

It’s too difficult.

Then go home… or give yourself 1 second for each choice.

Try it, if it doesn’t work out then at least you know. Time to try one of the other choices.

In the process you learn, you experience, and then you are able to make future choices easier.

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