Foundation, Center and Point of View

What is a Foundation? A foundation is a platform or base for change that we wish to create. In anything that we do, once we know what we are going to be doing, the foundation is the first thing that we create.

Standing on our feet we can make our feet, ankle and lower legs strong so that they support the rest of our body. Prior to that we can make sure that we are standing on ground that is solid and secure.

With part of our body stable, anchored to the earth we can express what we are trying to do. Holding a pose like warrior, with our feet and legs providing a stable foundation our spine and arms can reach up and back.

We can create space in our body, openness, room to do what we want to do.

Sensitive Foundations and Balance

Just as important as creating a foundation is feeling it. We can call the ability to sense or feel “Connection.”

Connection allows the flow of information into ourselves and out of ourselves. Controlling connections we can control what we sense. If we control our connection to the earth then not only can we feel our foundation we can control it. We can also use it to feel where our center is in relationship to our foundation.

The better we can use our connection with the earth to sense the relationship between our foundation and our center and the better we can control this relationship, either by moving our foundation or our center, the easier we can stay balanced because we can keep our center over our foundation no matter what is happening.

Creating Room to Move

Feeling how our center and our foundation relates, how do we respond to what we sense? If we want to stay balanced then we can position our center so that it is over the center of our foundation. We can consider this alignment but we can also think of it as giving our center room to move with respect to our foundation.

With room to move, if any external force acts on our center or our foundation we have room to respond before being pushed (or pulled) off balance.

Conditions for Balance

Generally the bigger our foundation the easier it is to stay balanced. The firmer our foundation the easier it is to stay balanced. The more aware we are and the better our control is the easier it is to stay balanced.

Being able to maintain our relationship with the earth and stay upright, we can do what it is that we are trying to do. Understanding how to balance and having the sensitivity and control to do so we can express ourselves.

Points of View

In terms of what we are doing, we can consider only ourselves in which case we can think of our expression radiating outwards from our center, bouncing up away from the earth and doubling out of the arms and upper body. Or we can consider ourselves in relationship to the earth in which case we can think of our expression radiating outwards from the center of the earth.

These are two different ways of thinking about the same thing. Depending on what we are trying to do one view might be more helpful than the other. Being aware of these points of view we can choose which one that we want to use.

In terms of center and foundation, if we consider the earth to be our center of expression then the earth acts as both our center and our foundation. Thus what we consider to be our center, our foundation and even our expression can depend on our point of view.

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