Continuing with “a model of consciousness” if we expand our consciousness completely into space, we pull out of time (imaginary space) completely. As a result we leave the framework of time and space completely and enter the realm that contains it or is beyond it. (Imagine stepping of the edge of the road and into the countryside. The country side contains the road just as “all that is” contains time and space.)

In such a state, expanded into space completely, we become unlimited. Time no longer passes by. Instead, if time is a wave, then we are on that wave and it is carrying us. As a result time stands still.

We can also become unlimited by expanding completely into imaginary space. Rhythm can be helpful in this, such as the rhythm of walking. Entering the unlimited via imaginary space we may find ourselves visited by insights, realizations, satori. This is beyond “thinking.” Instead ideas are given to us without effort… actually, understanding is given to us without effort. We may connect to an idea instantaneously, or because we understand an idea (are already connected to it) we suddenly are given another view of it which gifts us the understanding we require or need.

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