Form and Formlessness

Bruce Lee talks about the limitations of practicing “forms” but I believe there is also limitation in just trying to be formless.
The goal isn’t to be formless nor is it to stick to form.
Rather, these are two ends of the spectrum within which we can experience life. They are also twin points from which we can start from. Working from formlessness we can work towards form and likewise starting with form we can work towards its opposite.
Knowing both ends of the spectrum we can dance within them.
The goal isn’t duality nor is it oneness. Rather, knowing both we can move between them and appreciate each of them.
Being separate we can move towards wholeness so that then we can separate once again.
Emptying the glass we can then have the experience of filling it.
Breathing in we can then breathe out.
Letting go of one experience we can experience another.