Quantum Evolution

Creationists argue that life is by design. Darwinists or evolutionists argue that life is by evolution. What if both views are right.

Einstein proposed that light could be both a particle and a wave when up to that point the argument was that light was like one or the other. To explain the fact that light can act like both a particle and a wave he proposed a unit called a quanta that contained both properties.

My own opinion on the subject stems from the work of engineers who designed artificial software environments within which components could evolve. Within this environment reproduction and mutution where built in. The environment was also biased in such a way that the desired components where more than likely to evolve. The results are “designs” that probably would not have come about if they had been intentionally thought out.

So how is this an argument that there is a “conscious” design element in life. Simple, it is in the environment itself.

Before I progress further it would be useful to have a unit, an equivalent quanta that encompasses the two aspects of design and evolution. I would suggest that unit be called an idea.