Bigger isn’t Better

I’ve just got my latte and it’s so small…. compared to the array of all the other cup sizes. It’s so small it’s not even on the price menu. But the only reason I am here is to work, type actually, and it is nice to sit in a nice environment while doing it.
I’m not against all the size options. I’m not even against servers trying to super size me or up sale me. This is business and if they don’t do that I might not have this nice coffee shop to sit in, or would I?
More to the point is that I didn’t get taken in by comparison shopping.
“Why have this tiny little cup when you can have this bigger cup for only a few dollars more?”
“Because I only want a little cup.”
I only need a little cup to enjoy the taste of my latte.
Plus if I drink too much coffee it makes my ass sore.
Plus I only gulp it down anyway.
Plus if I drink too much it makes my sweat stink and I want more money to spend on other things in my life.
That being said sometimes I do enjoy choosing the larger size coffee. However I want it to be my choice driven by my need or desire as opposed an split second decision made by the brief impression that “hey yes, that is pretty small” when in fact it is actually quite normal.

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