A Model of Consciousness

In this model of consciousness, the basic unit of consciousness is the idea. An idea has gravity, which pulls inwards. It also has spin which radiates outwards.

Ideas attract each other when they give each other their awareness. If we think of ourselves as “ideas” we can attract ideas by focusing on them. Once we connect to an idea, its spin gives us energy, or inspires us, giving us the drive to make the idea real.

We can connect to ideas in imaginary space.

We make ideas real in real space.

In terms of ourselves, the idea that is at the core of our mind and body, the idea of our consciousness can expand in time or across space. However the idea of our consciousness is limited in such a way that we only have so much. The more we expand in time the less we expand in space and vice versa.

Expanded in time, or imaginary space, we can be thinking.

Expanded in space, or real space to be more specific, we can be focused on using our senses and responding to what we sense.

In imaginary space we can focus on ideas we want to connect to. We connect to an idea by “learning it.” Once we have learned an idea, we can make it real or in the process of learning an idea we make it real.

When we connect to an idea that is a skill, we dont’ have to think in order to do that idea. The idea becomes a part of ourselves in such a way that it augments the idea of consciousness that is ourselves.

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